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Printable Alphabet Flashcards for Holidays and Seasons

I recently made a bunch of printable alphabet flashcards themed to the seasons and holidays. These cards can be used for a variety of purposes and can help add a little themed fun to learning about uppercase and lowercase letters.

printable alphabet flashcards

How to Use the Printable Alphabet Flashcards

I recommend that you print the cards out onto cardstock. When you print out the cards you will see four cards on each page. Cut these out and then laminate them for more durability.

The printable alphabet flashcards can be used in a number of ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Memory Matching Game- Take a few of the pairs of uppercase and lowercase letters and arrange them face side down on the table or floor. Then have kids take turning turning over two cards per turn. If they find a match, then they keep the pair. If not, then they turn both cards back over face down and the next person goes. They try to remember where the cards are in order to find more matches.
  • Sensory Bins- You can print the cards out smaller if you adjust your printer settings then they are easier to hide in sensory bins. Kids can take letters out and match them to a list of letters that they are looking for.
  • Letter Hunt- Send kids around the room to find certain letters or matches for uppercase and lowercase letters in the classroom.
  • Letter Order- Have kids take a pile of scrambled up letters and put them in alphabetical order.
  • Building Words- Have students use the cards to build simple words.
  • Swat- Grab a new flyswatter (I have one I never use on bugs, just for school games). Arrange a few letters on the board. Each time you call out a letter the kid has to swat the correct letter on the board. You could also adapt this to small groups if you have a couple of fly swatters and gather a couple of groups around a group of letters on the floor. They pass the swatter on to the next person after taking a turn. (My post about my Super Hero Swat Game explains this a bit more)
  • Simon- Not Simon Says but Simon. This is a pattern following game. Call out one letter. The student touches that letter. Then call out that letter plus a new one. Next call out the first 2 letters, then add a third. Keep going like that, adding a new letter each turn until they mess up the pattern and can’t remember. I usually call one person up to do this and and everyone else enjoys following along as best they can.
snowflake printable alphabet flashcards

The Themed Card Sets

  1. Back to School (apples, owls, globes)
  2. Halloween (pumpkins, candy corns, candy)
  3. Thanksgiving (turkeys, corn, sunflowers)
  4. Christmas (stockings, presents, Christmas trees)
  5. Winter (snowmen, snow flakes, snow angels)
  6. Valentine’s Day (hearts, valentines, love birds)
  7. St. Patrick’s Day (shamrocks, rainbows, gold)
  8. Easter (chicks, carrots, Easter eggs)
  9. Spring /April Showers + May Flowers (rain showers, flower, flowers)
  10. Summer (beach balls, pools, suns)
  11. BUNDLE (Discounted Bundle of all 10 sets together)

How to Get Get the Cards

The printable alphabet flashcards are available to purchase at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. You can purchase just one set by itself or the Discounted Bundle that features all 10 sets.

seasonal and holiday printable alphabet flashcards matching set

Free Resources

I have a ton of resources here on the blog that are available for free so be sure to check out the printable section in particular.

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