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Super Hero Swat! [A Letter Learning Game]

Back in my pre-mom days I was a Spanish teacher and I loved to use games in the classroom.  A perennial favorite among my students was a game we called Swat. I would use it as a letter learning game or as a game to learn vocabulary terms.

letter learning game

Basically I would tape pictures of vocabulary terms or letters to the board.  Then I would have two students line up with (never used on flies) fly swatters and when I called out a letter or vocabulary word they would race to be the first person to swat the correct answer with their fly swatter.

Another variation I would do with this would be to tape up the words and play a version of Simon.  I use the swatter to touch a picture or letter and say it’s name.  I would have the students repeat the name. 

I would then touch and say the same name again but add on a second one.  They would repeat.  We would continue adding one item to the pattern with each turn as long as they could keep up with me and my pattern.

Now that I have my own kids I don’t have them play this in the exact way as I did with Swat but I do use variations of it to have a little fun with letters. 

For example, I will tape up a few letters (or put them on the floor) and call out ones for my son to swat at or have him play the Simon version and have him follow my patterns.  You could also use these and play the game to review the sounds the letters make.

letter learning game

I like this kind of game because there’s an element of fun with whacking something with a fly swatter and I love that he’s saying a letter while looking at it and touching it.  We don’t play this super often, but it’s a good one to throw into the mix.

I made a super hero version to go along with my other Super Hero ABC printables.

Get the Super Hero Swat Game Printables

You can get the pdf of the letters for the Swat letter learning game here.

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Beth Newman

Thursday 18th of August 2016

This is so cute! I bet Emily would love this game.


Thursday 18th of August 2016

Thank you! I think kids love us letting them just hit something :)

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