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Letter A Tracing Worksheets – Free Printable PDFs

We are busy working on our handwriting over here and so I wanted share with you some free Letter A Tracing Worksheets that I made with you all today. Hopefully these will help some of you who are working on handwriting with your kiddos too!

Does your child need practice with writing his or her letters? Check out these free printable Letter A Tracing Worksheets.

I am going to be working through the alphabet with my son and I’ll be sharing all the letter tracing worksheets with you all. They would be helpful for kids who are working on developing their fine motor skills. Typically these are useful for children in preschool and kindergarten students.

These might be useful for you with your own child or in your classroom with students if you are a teacher. In the classroom you could use these as morning work, extra practice for early finishers, or in small groups for a center.

For each letter I am making one sheet for the upper case letter and one sheet for the lower case letter.

Upper Case Letter A Tracing Worksheet sitting on a table
Lower Case Letter A Worksheet sitting on a table

Every sheet features 3 lines. On the first line you trace with the help of numbers and arrows. For the second line those numbers and arrows go away. On the final line you practice writing the letter all on your own.

To make this activity reusable pop the page into a page protector, dry erase pouch or laminate it. Then you can use dry erase markers. Kids sometimes find this a fun way to practice uppercase letters and lowercase letters.

the worksheet sitting in a laminated pouch

If you feel like being uber-organized then you can pop each one into a page protector and put them all into a 3 ring binder so you have them all ready to go.

Letter A Tracing Worksheets

Be sure to check your printer settings and do a print preview to make sure that the pdf will print out correctly.

These free printable worksheets are free for your own personal (non-commercial) use. You may use them in your home with your own children or in a classroom with students. Please do not sell them.

You can get the Letter A Tracing Worksheets here:

Upper Case

Lower Case

All of the Letters of the Alphabet Tracing Worksheets Together

If you want all the other letters get them in one PDF here- Letter Tracing Worksheets.

letter a tracing worksheets

More Handwriting Resources

Another resource that I love to use with my kids is an app called Letter School. We have it for our ipad and it’s fantastic. It helps to guide them through tracing their letters with proper letter formation in fun ways. Kids can do it by tracing with their fingers or a kid’s tablet stylus.

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