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How to DIY Mickey & Minnie Mouse Ears {For about $1 Each!}

When I decided to have a Mickey Mouse party for my 2 year old’s Birthday I knew that I wanted him to have ears.  They’re kinda a big deal when it comes to the mouse and all so I thought we’d have them in place of party hats.

I saw ears for sale at Target but they were $5.99.  For one.  I checked Amazon and the Mickey Mouse Ears on there were about the same unless I bought a larger lot.  But I only needed 9.  I considered these these Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Hats but they didn’t seem as much fun.

Thinking about all that I had seen on Pinterest I knew that I could make them for much, much less.  And I did!

mickey ear headbands


I made 10 headbands.  Six were adult sized and three were kid sized.  To make the ears I followed the tutorial from The Suburband Mom.  She has a printable template that is PERFECT.  I made my Minnie bows a little differently though so I’ll share some on that a little further down.

cutting out the ears

the template for the ears

putting the ears together

adding felt to the headbands

finishing the bottom of the headband

assembling the headbands

Materials & Budget Breakdown

  • plastic headbands- I bought headbands from the Dollar Tree.  They were 2/$1 (adults) and 3/$1 (kids ) ($4)
  • black felt- I bought 1/2 yard at $5.99/yard plus 40% off coupon ($1.80)
  • foam to make ears stiff- I got a sheet from Joann’s of 3 mm foam on clearance ($0.50)
  • hot glue gun and sticks (already had)
  • Polka Dot ribbon for Minnie headbands $4.99 at 40% off ($2.99)

Total: $9.29 ($1.03 per headband)
If you were making all kid-sized ones you could make them for less by buying only 3/$1 headbands from the dollar store.  And if you are only making Mickey ones they are much cheaper without having to buy the Minnie mouse ribbon.

Minnie Mouse Bow

The bows I made for the Minnie ears were similar to the ones in the tutorial from The Suburband Mom.  The original ones looked like they needed a little something so I added a piece of ribbon in the middle.  It looped around the bow and the headband.

making the bows  adding the boys to the headbands

the minnie ear headbands

me, wearing the minnie mouse headbandI was pretty much singing “Welcome to my new bowtique…” the entire time I was making them.  They were far from perfect but everyone thought they were fun.

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Monday 24th of August 2015

Ahh! These are sooo cute and look super easy to make! My friend is having her daughter's 2nd birthday party soon and it's Mickey/Minnie themed! I'm going to have to show her these to maybe use as party favors. :)


Monday 24th of August 2015

Thank you so much! They do take a little time but yes, they are super easy to make.

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