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How to DIY a Mickey Mouse Cake

As I mentioned in yesterday’s Mickey Mouse Party Post I made my son’s Birthday cake for his 2nd Birthday.  He loves Mickey so I knew that he would love to have a Mickey cake.

mickey cakeI am not an expert cake decorator by any means and making fancy cakes kind of frustrates me because what I envision in my head is never what it ends up looking like.  But as a mom there is something about the idea of making my kid’s cakes myself that just pulls at my heartstrings and makes me want to do it.
Initially I worried about freehanding the face so I contemplated buying this cake pan but the Mickey mouse shape is pretty basic so I decided to just go for it and do my best.

First I baked some cakes.  I made 2 boxes of cake mix and baked 4 9 inch cake rounds.  Yes, I used boxed cake mixes.  I have never found a basic cake recipe that I love and I wasn’t about to experiment at a crunch time like this.  If you have a great basic cake recipe that you love please send it my way!

I used two of the 9 inch rounds to make the main part of the face.  I stacked them one on top of the other and frosted between just like you would any normal round cake.  I used chocolate frosting for this part.

To make the ears I stacked the other two 9 inch rounds and then used the tops of two frosting cans to trace around with my knife.

I then placed the two ears next to the cake and frosted them as well.  When I frost cakes I always slide a little parchment paper underneath so that I don’t get frosting on whatever platter the cake is sitting on.

To make the face I mixed some vanilla and milk chocolate frosting together and piped the outline of that area of the face onto the cake.

Then I spread it inward in order to fill in that area completely.

For the eyes I used vanilla frosting and I used chocolate frosting again for the mouth outline and pupils.

As a reference I was using a Mickey calendar.  I have to look at something like this when drawing, otherwise it will turn out even worse than it did!  If you look at Mickey’s mouth on the calendar you can see his red tongue.  I didn’t want to add any artificial food coloring to my cake so I opted to make a light pink tongue using strawberries and vanilla frosting.  It’s not as dark as the picture but I think I could do better next time.the mickey inspiration

Overall, I love how it turned out.  Was it perfect? Nope.  But the Birthday boy loved it and that’s what was most important of all.  If you want more DIY Mickey Party details be sure to check out yesterday’s Mickey Mouse Party Post.

Do you make your kid’s Birthday cakes or do you buy them?

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