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Blank Handwriting Sheets [12 Styles]

We have spent some time this summer working on handwriting with our soon to be first grader. I whipped up a bunch of letter tracing and number tracing pages for him but I also made some blank handwriting sheets and today I’m sharing them with you all.

Does your kiddo need to work on handwriting? Use these 12 different styles of blank handwriting sheets to help your child practice.

I decided to make a couple of different sizes and styles. I made blank pages with a vertical orientation with 4 different sizes of lines. Depending on your child’s age he or she may be more comfortable with the bigger or smaller lines.

blank handwriting pages- vertical

I also made 4 vertical pages with a space to draw a picture. My son’s kindergarten teacher had them draw a picture of an animal and then practice writing three simple sentences about it for their journal entries this past year. My son loved to watch a video on youtube like Art Hub for Kids to learn how to draw different animals and then come up with some sentences so we have continued to do this from time to time.

blank handwriting pages- vertical with picture space

The sentence prompts were super simple:

  1. “This is a…”
  2. “It is…”
  3. “It…”

For example one day he had to do a journal entry about a skunk. He drew a picture of a skunk and colored it. Then he wrote something like:

“This is a skunk. It is small. It stinks.”

I help him to spell out words that he is unsure of.

In addition to the veritcally-oriented pages I horizontally oriented ones in the 4 different sizes.

horizontal ones

Get the Blank Handwriting Sheets

You can get the vertical blank handwriting pages in this free PDF.

You can get the vertical blank handwriting pages with drawing space in this free PDF.

You can get the horizontal blank handwriting pages in this free PDF.

Pick the page of the one you want to print and be sure to check your printer settings before printing. These blank handwriting printables are free for your personal (non-commercial use).

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