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Best Superhero Fabrics

If you can’t already tell by the Batman blanket, Batman blanket, and Superhero Name Practice posts we are a superhero-lovin’ household.  My two boys eat, sleep, and breath all things super hero.  They favor DC Comics superheros so Superman and Batman are #1 around here but they can appreciate that Spiderman is pretty awesome too.

Here’s my pics for the best superhero fabrics out there.  Just in case you want to make your little (or big) kids some awesome superhero blankets or pillows or what not.  Some are woven, some are knit and some are fleece, so be sure to read all the details before purchasing!

I divided them into 4 major categories- Marvel, DC, generic, and female superheros.  There’s a ton of superheros out there so I please don’t be offended if I leave anybody out.  I’m just hitting the big ones!

super hero fabrics dc

  1. DC Comics Meet the Heroes 2. Superman Block 3. DC Comics Batman 4. Superman Logo 5. Superman Dark Red 6. Batman Tossed Emblems 7. Green Lantern Fleece 8. Batman Rope

super hero fabrics marvel

  1. Marvel Kawaii 2. Avengers Flannel Faces 3. Spiderman Editorial 4. Marvel Retro Comic 5. Marvel Captain America 6. Spiderman in Webs 7. Marvel Retro Comics Covers 8. Marvel Kawaii All In

super hero fabrics general

  1. Super Kids Boys 2. Michael Miller Super Heroes 3. Super Kids Girls 4.Super Duper Hero Girls 5. Colorful Superhero Girls 6. Superhero Adventure Ink 7. Lil Superboy 8. Super Duper Hero Boy

super hero fabrics women

  1. DC Comics Girl Power 2.Wonder Woman flannel 3. Supergirl 4. Black Widow 5.Girl Power II Ruby 6. Bat Girl 7. Girl Power Flannel 8. Wonder Woman

Hopefully this list will give you some ideas as to where you can find some great fabric to make something for your little hero.

So, who is your favorite super hero?  I’m kinda a Wonder Woman fan myself.  She seems intelligent and classy but she can still kick some butt.  At least that’s my impression based on my massive amounts of research watching Lego Batman DVDs.


Mary Martha Mama