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Baby Moses Activities for PreK & Early Elementary

Hello!  I hope you all are having a wonderful end of the year.  I’m popping in to share a new preschool activity pack with you- my Baby Moses activities!

Baby Moses printable Activity pack cover

For those of you that are new around here the past few months I have been creating preschool packs full of activities centered around some of the fundamental stories of the Bible, stories that I want my children to know and love.  So far I’ve shared: The Creation Story, Adam & Eve, Noah’s Ark, and The Birth of Jesus.

In this new Baby Moses PreK Pack I tried to change things up a little for variety’s sake.  My kids always enjoy new activities and I’m sure yours do too.

Here’s what is inside this new Baby Moses Activities Pack:

Story Sequencing:

This is an activity that has been in all the packs because I like to review the events in each story whether it’s with my son or my Sunday school class.  It also provides a great opportunity for come practice with cutting and pasting, which my son particularly enjoys.

The story sequencing activity from the baby Moses activities
story sequencing page with numbers
Letter Tracing

This is another one that’s been in other packs because it’s good for both practicing letter formation and for building familiarity with new vocabulary and Characters. 

Sometimes I laminate these sheets so that we can use our dry erase markers to do these multiple times.  Alternately sometimes I simply slide the printable into a page protectors and that works too.

letter tracing page from the baby Moses activities pack

Snipping & Cutting Practice

For some reason cutting just does not get old for my 4 year old son.  If you’ve got a younger preschooler then you will want to begin with the snipping sheet first and then move on from there when your child is ready. 

Also be sure to get some kid sized safety scissors.  We currently use these safety scissors but when my son was younger we started him with these.

snipping practice page with Moses characters

Letter Sheet

P is for pyramid!  I decided to focus on pyramids with this pack as the story does take place in Egypt and I love being able to broaden my son’s horizons and add in some history and geography where I can, with a little geometry thrown in for good measure.

P is for pyramid letter tracing page

Moses Maze

Tracing a path through a maze without running into the walls helps with fine motor skill development and it’s just plain fun.

Moses maze page

Make Your Own Pyramid

This activity is geared a little more toward older preschoolers and you will have to assist some, but it’s a fun one.  Have your child color their pyramid template. 

For a little extra texture I put a piece of sandpaper under it while my son colored.  The cut out the pyramid (or have them cut it out).  Finally, fold and glue the “undeflaps” so that it forms a pyramid.

photo collage of the process of making the pyramid
Moses Basket

This is another one for the more advanced preschoolers.  Have them color the templates, then cut them out.  One strip is not long enough to weave around the entire basket so glue two together for each row.

  Fold the sides of the basket up, then weave the strips in an out, securing them with glue and cutting off any extra.  Fold the tops over and glue down.  Put baby Moses inside.

collage to show the process of making the baby Moses basket
Pre-writing Tracing

Great for fine motor practice as well.  This is one that you can laminate too.

pre-writing tracing page from the baby Moses activities pack

Lacing Cards

Print these out on cardstock or laminate.  I tie a shoestring to each one and my son uses them to practice lacing or “sewing” as we call it around here.

lacing card with the baby Moses in the middle

Word Puzzles

I’ve found that printing these out on cardstock helps them to be a little easier for kids to handle.

word puzzles featuring words and graphics from the Baby Moses activities pack

Memory Matching Game

Printing these out on cardstock helps kids to be able to flip them more easily.

memory matching game

Counting Practice

To change up our counting practice a bit I decided to incorporate clothes pins into the mix.  If you don’t have any clothes pins on hand you would have your child circle the correct number on each one.

counting practice page

Get the Baby Moses Activities

Click here to get the Activities Pack.

Resources in Addition to the Baby Moses Activities:

If you’re looking for a good Bible for your child I highly recommend the Read with Me Bible for Toddlers for kids that are 2-3 and The Jesus Storybook Bible for 4-5 year olds. 

We use both with our children and absolutely adore them.  Both relate Bible stories in a way that our children enjoy and are perfect lengths for their attention spans.

For additional fun with Baby Moses Activities we like the Veggie Tales version of the story of baby Moses which you can find on Veggie Tales: Heroes of the Bible 3 Great Stories about Moses, Miriam and Joseph.

Want more free Bible printables for preschoolers?  Check out my Printables page!

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