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How to Sew Potholders in 8 Easy Steps

I was strolling through the store the other day and I saw some super cute round potholders and I thought they were super cute so I decided to make some. Today I’m going to share how to sew potholders in just 8 easy steps.

how to sew potholders

Supplies Needed to Sew Potholders

how to sew potholders

You don’t need much to make these. I was using up some scraps I had leftover from other projects but if you have to buy new then you will only need 1/4 yard of the fabric, 1/4 yard of the batting, and 1/4 yard of the insulated batting. I ended up using about 1 1/2 yards of the bias tape.

How to Sew Potholders

Step 1: Cut circles out of your fabrics. I used a kid sized plate that is exactly 8 inches to trace and then cut out my circles. You need 2 circles of your outside fabric, 2 circles of the batting, and 1 circle of the insulated batting.

For my outside fabric I actually opted to use two different fabrics, one for each side of the potholder.

how to sew potholders

Step 2: Next you will make a stack of your fabrics. First, lay one of your outside fabric circles down with the right side of the fabric down. Then add one cotton batting circle, the insulated batting circle and another cotton batting circle on top. Then lay your other outside fabric circle on top of all of those with the right side up.

fabric stack order

Step 3: Pin or clip the layers together. Then sew lines or some sort of design to quilt them together. I opted to cheat a little and use the lines in the chevron design on the one side as a guide.

how to sew potholders
how to sew potholders

Step 4: Unfold your bias tape. Pin or clip the raw edge of the bias tape to the edge of your circle. Pin it going all the way around, stopping just where you started- do not overlap.

how to sew potholders
how to sew potholders

Step 5: Sew all the way around your circle, sewing in that fold that is closest to the edge. Remember to backstitch a little each time you start and stop.

adding the trim

Step 6: Fold your bias tape over to the other side so that it covers the edge of your circle. Flip the whole thing over. Pin or clip the bias tape down.

Cut the end of your bias tape off but leave about 6 inches from the circle. We will use this to make a loop you can hang the potholder from.

sewing around

Step 7: Sew all along the bottom edge of the bias tape to sew it down. Go all the way around the circle and then to the end of your length of bias tape.

sewn all around

Step 8: Fold the end of your bias tape over twice and sew down. Then fold the bias tape in half to make a loop and sew down to attach it to the potholder.

sewing the tab
finishing the tab

And you’re done! Now you know how to sew a potholder. Well, at least one way to sew a potholder. There’s a bunch of different ways to do it and I love that.

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How to Sew Potholders in 8 Easy Steps

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