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Sewing Projects for Beginners

September is National Sewing Month!

But I’m sure you already knew that and were eagerly waiting for the calendar to turn from August to September for that very reason.

In honor of National Sewing Month I’m sharing a round-up of some beginner sewing projects.  If you’ve been thinking of taking up sewing then this post is just for you.  So here’s 5 sewing projects that I think are perfect for learning some basic skills:

[one] burp cloths

there is nothing easier than sewing a small rectangle.  Here’s my step by step tutorial.

diy burp cloth tutorial how[two] pillow cover

I have yet to post a tutorial on this yet, but I have made a few and I always love how quick and easy it is to change out the look of a pillow by making a simple cover.  I make mine similarly to this tutorial.

new pillow cover

[three] baby blanket

Blankets can be somewhat more challenging because of trying to keep things from shifting as you sew but baby blankets like this one are much more manageable due to their small size.

easy diy baby blanket tutorial

[four] cloth napkins

Small, simple, and square.  These are super easy and I think they make great gifts too!  You can use my tutorial here.

cloth napkin tutorial[five] taggie blanket

This is the second sewing project I ever did.  Small, simple, and it’s for babies so if it’s not totally perfect they won’t complain.  This is a fantastic tutorial.

taggie blanketSo there you have it, 5 simple projects to get you started!  Above all I recommend that you pick something that you really want to do, find a tutorial online and give it a shot!  You will make some mistakes but you will get better with practice and really, it is easier than you think.

Mary Martha Mama