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The End of an Era | The Beginning of Letting Go

I woke up early this morning.  More than once.  I get antsy before every first in my life and today was no exception.

Except it was his first and not mine.  His first day of preschool.

first day of preschool signI know what you’re thinking- No big deal, he’s just gone for a couple hours a day to a fantastic preschool.  A little baby step on the road to letting him be more and more independent.

Baby or not, every step is important and every step forward is, in a way a step away from me and towards independence.

I want him to be an independent adult some day.  But that doesn’t mean the letting go isn’t a little hard.

He’s going to a wonderful school and I could not be handing him over to more loving arms.  I feel such a peace about his school and yet it’s still a little tough to just leave him there.  On the way to school I showered him in quiet prayers and prayed him through the day.

I missed him and I am sad that the era of us always being together is over but I know that this new stage of our lives will bring such blessings.  And I’m going to choose to focus on those bright blessings because if I don’t I’m going to wallow a little and hit up the nearest donut shop to eat my feelings… which would be bad because I started dieting yesterday and I’d like to think I can be disciplined enough to diet for more than 30 some hours.

He had a great time and is excited to go back tomorrow.  But for now he says he’s tired so he’s snuggled up next to me, enjoying a little rest.  And I’m enjoying it too.

Mary Martha Mama