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Easy Pillow Cover Tutorial

Our couches came with a set of pillows that were ok but not really my style.  They’re not terrible but they are more traditional and formal than we really are.  So I wanted to make some new pillow covers.

the couch pillows that came with our couchI stumbled across some of my favorite fabric in the remnant section in Joanne’s.  This is the same fabric that I used for the dinning chair makeover that I did.  These chairs are the ones we add to our table when we have company over and need more seats.

recovered garage sale chairsThe remnant that I found was about 1 1/4 yard and I knew that I could use it make two pillow covers.  I snatched it up because it was one of those days when the remnants are 50% off so it ended up being really inexpensive (I don’t remember exactly but like $4).

  1. First I took the old pillow covers off and measured them.  They measured about 21 inches X 21 inches.

measuring the old pillow covers

2. Then I washed, dried, and ironed the new fabric.  Next I cut my fabric.  After washing my fabric was about 51 inches X 44 inches.  I cut the fabric down the middle making two pieces that were 51X 22 inches.  I asked my assistants to hold them up to show you the two pieces but they wanted to be ghosts.

my helpers

3. Next I folded the selvages (ends of the fabric with writing on them) on the end over and ironed them down.  Then I folded them over again and ironed them down again.ironing over the folded ends

4. I sewed a line along each folded edge.

5. Then I laid the pillow cover on the ground with the right side facing down.  I folded the long ends over to line up the outside flap so that it would be near the middle since it’s the one that shows.

As I did this I measured and moved the flaps around until my pillow cover measured 21 X 22 inches (The 21 inches was folded side to folded side and the 22 inches was from open edge to open edge) .  After pinning everything down I sewed along the open edges (not the folds).

sewing the ends that were pressed everything pinned to sew

6. Next I turned the pillow case right side out and pushed the corners out with the non-pointy end of a pen.

turned right side out and the corners pushed out

7. I put the pillow in and voila!

the pillow insert inside the pillow cover

Now I just need to figure out what other fabrics to use for the coordinating pillow covers.  I’ll take a scrap of this fabric with me each time I go to the fabric store just so I can hold it up to potential fabrics and see what I like.

new pillow

easy pillow cover tutorial 8

new pillow on my couch made with the easy pillow cover tutorial

Easy Pillow Cover Tutorial

Cindy Orley

Wednesday 13th of January 2016

Looks great


Thursday 14th of January 2016

Thanks Cindy!


Wednesday 13th of January 2016

You are so crafty and handy with sewing! I love that fabric, it's pretty!


Wednesday 13th of January 2016

Aww, thanks Cara!

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