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DIY Christmas Wall Art

We moved into our new house about a year and a half ago and one of the more exciting features of this house for me is the fireplace mantle that I can decorate! Last year we had a lot going on and I did not really do anything with it honestly however this year I was super excited to turn my attention to the mantle. I made some DIY Christmas Wall Art with the lyrics of a favorite Christmas song and I’m sharing the full tutorial with you all today.

DIY Christmas Wall Art Canvas made with the Cricut Maker

You can take the process that I’m going to show you in the tutorial and use it to make a canvas with whatever song lyrics, saying, or poem you like. I chose to make a canvas with some of the lyrics of a favorite Christmas song of ours called “Behold the Lamb of God” by Andrew Peterson. It’s actually part of an entire album that tells the story of Christmas in such a lovely way and I highly recommend checking it out if you’ve never heard it.

YouTube video

Supplies Needed for DIY Christmas Wall Art



First pick your song that you would like to use. Then type it into Design Space and adjust the font and size to what you need for your canvas. To go along with mine I added some stars around the lyrics. Cricut Design Space has a ton of image options that you can choose from to add to your design. Once you have your design the way you want it you will click Make it.


Then Design Space will show you your design as it will be cut out on the mat. For stencil vinyl you do NOT need to mirror. Click Continue once you’ve made sure everything is good.

Design space showing the design on the cutting mat

Now Design Space will walk you through the steps of making sure you have the correct blade, selecting your material, and loading it.

Design space instructions

Follow the steps and then press go on your machine.

Cricut Maker with stencil vinyl


Once cutting is finished you will need to weed the stencil vinyl. That just means that you need to remove the vinyl that is not part of your design. Now normally when you use a stencil you want to remove the letters of the words and parts of your design and paint. I did this one the opposite way because I wanted that look. So I removed all the negative space and left the letters and stars on the backing paper.

the stencil weeded

Doing it this way I then painted everything but the words and design.


Once I weeded out all the vinyl pieces that I did not want I then used transfer tape to apply the design to my canvas. You remove the transfer tape from its backing and press it on the front of your design on the stencil vinyl. Then peel away the backing from the stencil vinyl.

I lightly applied the stencil vinyl to the front of the canvas using the transfer tape then I flipped my canvas over and pressed and smoothed on the back side. I didn’t want to do this too strongly on the front because I was worried about stretching the canvas out.

pressing the stencil vinyl down on the back of the canvas

Then I flipped over the canvas to the front and removed the transfer tape, leaving just the stencil vinyl on the front of the canvas.

the stencil applied to the canvas


I wanted to make sure that I got paint all around the sides of my canvas so I put thumbtacks into the back of the frame to prop it up a little bit while I painted it.

pushpins on the back of the frame

Then I painted the front and side of my canvas. I let it dry for an hour outside before moving into the garage. Then I let it cure and off gas for 2 days before putting it in the living room.

the DIY Christmas wall art painted canvas


I then used my Cricut tweezers to remove the stencil vinyl from the canvas.

removing the stencil vinyl
the DIY Christmas wall art canvas after removing the stencil

I am very happy with how it turned out and have enjoyed having it as a part of our mantle display this year.

diy Christmas wall art canvas
DIY Christmas wall art on the fireplace mantle
DIY Christmas wall art on the mantle

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