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A Simple Chandelier Spider Web

So my nearly 4 year old son is completely smitten with spiders this year.  He requested to be a spider for Halloween and I’ll be sharing pictures of the costume I made tomorrow.  And of course you have already seen the Pottery Barn inspired spider chair cover I made for him.

spider chair cover

And he loved it.  Still loves it.  But he saw that one of our neighbors decorated the outside of their houses with spider webs and a giant spider and then he requested that we decorate “our whole house”.  I told him we really did not have the time or energy to do something that big this year, but that we could decorate a little more, so I chose to add a few more easy decorative touches to our table, rolling along with the love of all things spider.

chandelier spider web

The first thing I did was make a web for our chandelier.  Here’s how I made my simple web using white yarn:

Loop the yarn around the arms of the chandelier.  Obviously your chandelier might be designed differently than mine, so you’ll have to figure out a way to loop your yarn around that works for you.

diy chandelier spider webOnce I made one loop around I tied things off and then began looping pieces along the inside of the chandelier, following along the arms of the chandelier.

diy chandelier webOnce the interior pieces were all done I kept adding layers of string going around the chandelier.

diy chandelier spider web 2I looped until I had 5 layers.  I left a few strings hanging down for our spiders to attach to.

diy chandelier spider web

dining room decorated for Halloween

The spiders are super easy to make.  We just hot glued some pipe black pom poms and pieces of pipe cleaner onto clothes pins and clipped them on the the white strings hanging down.  My son could not love them more!  He greets the spiders every time we sit down to eat.  I’m not even joking.

To finish off the table I threw down a square of black fur left over from making my son’s spider costume, added our freshly carved jack-o-lanterns and sprinkled around a collection of creepy crawly things that my son is in love with.  I went with this little square of fabric over a table cloth or a runner because we have a 14 month old who loves to grab things off the table and this is small enough to be completely out of reach.

I bought all my supplies for my table decorations (minus the pumpkins) at Joann Fabrics.  As you have heard me say before, always go to Joann’s armed with a coupon.  Always.  If you are not signed up to get them in the mail (and you should be) then you can at least always find one on their website.  Pull it up on your phone and they can scan it.  no need to even print it out.

Beyond coupons another way to save at Joann’s and many other stores is by buying discounted gift cards at Raise.  Have you heard about it?  Raise is an online marketplace where you can buy discounted gift cards to many stores.  Inventory varies, but right now you can find discounted gift cards to Joann’s and a variety of other crafting stores.   At Raise you can also sell unwanted gift cards that you might receive during the coming holiday season.

In keeping with the spider theme I’ll be back tomorrow to share the spider costume I made for A.  Wednesday I’ll be sharing baby S’s super cute skunk costume as well.  Happy Monday!

Sweet Turtle Soup


Wednesday 22nd of October 2014

That spider web is so easy and so cute! I also love the spiders you made. My daughter is into spiders this Halloween and I think we could totally make those together! Thanks for linking up with us again!


Wednesday 22nd of October 2014

Thanks for hosting! I love seeing all the ideas.


Tuesday 21st of October 2014

I loove yarn spider webs. I suck at putting up the bag of fluff spider web, it never looks right. I make a big yarn spider web on our front porch window, and personally I love it! Great idea on the chandelier. I used the fluff on it last year but couldn't get it nice enough so I gave up this year and hung some ghosts instead. Looking at it I'm not sure it would work as well as yours, but I'll have to keep it in mind for next year! Nice of you to spider up your home a bit for him =) Thanks so much for linking up this week! Happy 10 Days until Halloween!


Tuesday 21st of October 2014

Thank you! Thanks for hosting the countdown. You've given me some great ideas for next year's fun!

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