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My Goals for 2015

Hello!  After a lengthy break for Christmas festivities and illnesses I’m back to blogging.  Tonight is our last night of break.  Tomorrow my husband goes back to work and we return to our usual routines.  And so now I’m back to the couch ready to do a little blogging and reflection.

I shared about my goals for 2014 last year and I’m excited to do the same this year.  And speaking of that word “same”- my goals are not too different from last years.  I accomplished some of my goals from last year but some I did not.  Even so, I feel like it was a really successful year and so going into this year I have the same approach- I’m going to set some lofty goals and even if I don’t reach them I feel that any progress that I make toward them is going to yield a great year for me and my family.  So without further ado, I present my goals for 2015!

marriage written over two hands on top of each other

  • Have a weekly date night (at home or out)– This was a goal from last year that we did not always achieve.  It sounds sad but I think we often just got busy and forgot.  So this year I want to try to remember to take this special time apart.  I’m writing it on the calendar and in my planner so that we make sure to keep up with this.
  • Read two marriage books– We only read one together last year and I’d like to do two this year.  The first one on my list is The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages.  Anyone else have any suggestions?
  • Get away together– I love my kids but it is oh so refreshing when we are able to get away together without them.  I’m hoping that some time this year we can make the time for a romantic getaway together.

kids written over my son pushing a stroller

  • Select a Preschool– Since this past Fall I’ve been doing an informal at-home school time with A and I will continue doing so but in the Fall we would like for him to begin preschool.  We’ve been researching and praying and hope to make a decision soon.
  • One on One Dates– We are hoping to set up a rotating schedule of one on one dates with our kids.  I think that one on one time is very special and I’m looking forward to this.
  • Read 2 parenting books– I’m very interested in reading In this House We Will Giggle and I’m looking for some suggestions if you all have any!  I would especially appreciate books about how to talk to your kids about spiritual concepts.  I feel a little like a fish out of water when my nearly 4 year old asks me questions about God sometimes.

friends written over me sticking my tongue out

  • Send 1 Piece of Snail Mail per month– I want to send more notes and cards to help encourage others.  Hopefully if I can think of someone at the beginning of the month, write it down, be planned and prepared then I can hit this goal.
  • Organize 1 play date a month with another mom and her kids– I did some of this last year, but I want to do more.  It’s good for both us moms and the kids!
  • Visit the widows– The past couple of months I’ve felt a tug on my heart to do more for some of the older ladies that I know.  I know, probably not who you were thinking of when you think of traditional peers for someone my age but I want to challenge myself to be a friend to anyone, even those who might be a few decades older than me.  I’m going to think of one lady each month that I can visit with and spread a little encouragement and cheer.

me, sitting in a car

  • Have daily devotional time– I’m continuing the one chapter a day study through Good Morning Girls.  I intend to keep blogging about this on Thursdays.
  • Lose the baby weight from my last pregnancy– …and continue to eat right and exercise regularly even after the weight is gone.  So I know this was a goal last year and I was hoping the pregnancy weight would be gone by now- but it isn’t.  I do have to say though that the last year was not a total failure in this area.  I am 20 pounds lighter than I was a year ago and that is nothing to feel bad about.  So I’ll just keep on swimming… and running… and running.  Big post about all this coming tomorrow.
  • Regular blog time– I know, not a super specific goal but I’m hoping each week to plan into my schedule a regular time for blogging.  I have been blogging for almost a year now.  I enjoy it and I’m looking forward to learning and growing more in the year to come.

home written over a house

  • Remodel the master bath and downstairs bath– Yes, yes this goal was from last year.  No, no it did not get done.  We did start this last year with some demo and research but I’m hoping this year we can get it done.
  • Install the backsplash in the kitchen– This was also a goal last year.  We have the tile and many of the tools and a couple gift cards set aside to do this we just need to schedule the time and get down to it.  Hopefully soon 🙂
  • Stick to our budget– In the past we have been ok about budgeting and pretty good with our money… but we have felt like we could do much better and this year we are challenging ourselves to tighten up so that we can give more and save more.

There you have it!  My goals for 2015.  I know, I’m a bit stereotypical in that the majority of my goals boil down to getting fit, doing better financially, and all in all being more disciplined and organized.  But this is what I feel my family and I should be working toward this year.  I’m excited to get down to it!

What are your goals this year?

Mary Martha Mama