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Healthy Mama Challenge {Week 6}

healthy mama challengeWelcome to week 6 of the Healthy Mama Challenge!  I’m sharing a little bit about how things are going for me with losing the last of the baby weight and taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle for myself and for my family.  Please feel free to leave a comment to share how you’re working on getting healthy as well!


Well, this week was as bad as last week was good.  There was extra Halloween candy laying around the house that proved to be my downfall and I did not count calories over the weekend.  But on Monday I got back on the horse and have been counting my calories and eating well since.  One of the better meals that I made was my Mighty Meatballs.  I know they don’t scream healthy but I modified the recipe to make them a little lighter and more nutritious and served them along side a nice salad one of the nights when I was actually good.

hand holding a mini meatball sandwich


I tried something new this week!  I signed up for a Boot Camp class at the YMCA and the first class was Monday night.  I was considering a few classes and almost went with some others that I thought would be easier but then I decided that I wanted a challenge so in the end I picked Boot Camp.  I was definitely intimidated before the first class.  Basically I thought it would be super insanely intense like a workout on the Biggest Loser or something, but it was not that crazy.  No one was crying, passing out, or throwing up.  Basically it’s a class of interval circuits and it was challenging but not nearly intense as I thought it was going to be.  Boot Camp is once a week and I think that it will be a good change-up for me with my workout routine.  On other nights I will be continuing with my running or Pilates.

Weight Lost

I weighed in this morning and since last Wednesday I have lost 0.4 pounds. That’s 0.2% for the week. Since beginning 6 weeks ago I have lost  8.4 pounds (4.9 %) overall. I have a few weight loss goals-

  • Get to a healthy BMI (2.4 pounds to go)
  • Get to my pre-pregnancy weight (4.4 pounds to go)
  • Get to my pre-marriage weight (9.4 pounds to go)
  • Total Weight Loss Goal {Get back to my ideal weight} (19.4 pounds to go)

I’m not surprised that my weight loss for the week was so low given how I ate for the majority of the week.  Time to turn it around and have a great week moving forward!

Now it’s your turn! How are you all doing? Please feel free to share any comments about how you’re working on your health.  I’d love to cheer you on!


Wednesday 5th of November 2014

We all have not so good weeks, and I'm totally with you about the Halloween candy! But at least you still lost some! Way to go!


Wednesday 5th of November 2014

Aww, thanks for being so encouraging!

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