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So Let’s Talk Hair

I need a hair cut.  Badly.  This week is terrible and I’m busy next week too so I won’t be able to get it cut for a couple of weeks but I’m at the point when I know I need it and I want it done now!

Just to remind you this is what I look like currently 🙂  The hair is just sitting very heavy and has thinned out since kiddo #2 so I think taking off some length would help.

t shirt dress tutorial 1

But with a crazy schedule the next few weeks I have time to think over what I would like to do.  And ask you for help 🙂  So here are some thoughts.

I can’t go super short.  I have a low hair line in the back and so anything pixie is out.  I would like to go shorter than what I have now though.  I’m thinking a long bob, with the front slightly longer than the back.  Something like these:

Especially when she throws in the curls-

Here is where I need the input.   What do you like?  What don’t you like (cut-wise)?  Longer in the front?  Or some kind of bang/shorter side pieces in the front?

And I’d like some input on color too.  Yup, I think it’s time to tread into the world of color.  They grays are multiplying and I don’t love them.  Plus it’s an opportunity to maybe have some fun.  I’m not leaning toward doing anything drastic, but a rift on my natural brown would be nice.  So do I go deeper brown?  More auburn?

Leave me your opinions in the comments, I really want some input on this so that I can think it over the next few weeks.


Want to see more hair options?  Check out my Hair Board on Pinterest. Yes, there are a few repetitions and some of the hair there is long, but there are some more short options there too.

Beth Newman

Wednesday 24th of August 2016

I definitely thing a "lob" would be a fun way too go. I just got mine cut yesterday. I didn't take much length off, but added tons of layers and the movement it gets feels amazing now. I need to get ahold of my gray too.


Wednesday 24th of August 2016

Oh I hope you post pictures! I love the feeling of a new hair cut!

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