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Show and Tell Examples

I have talked a lot over the years about show and tell. I have specific blog posts for ideas for show and tell for each letter of the alphabet but this post is more general show and tell examples and ideas. Some teachers limit children to bringing in an item with a specific theme each week or an item that starts with a particular letter but sometimes kids are free to choose whatever they want. If you are in that boat then this post should have some ideas to get your thoughts going!

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Show and Tell Examples

For Preschool and Kindergarten

  1. Favorite Stuffed Animal: Bring your favorite stuffed animal and share why you love it. This is one of my favorite show and tell examples because most kids love the opportunity to take their special stuffed animal to school!
  2. A Special Book: Choose a picture book and read a short story from it or show some pictures to the class.
  3. Family Photo: Share a family photo and talk about the people in it. It might also be fun to bring in a baby photo or a photo of a pet!
  4. A Special Toy: Bring a favorite toy and explain how it works or what you like about it.
  5. Nature Treasures: Take a walk and collect leaves, rocks, or shells and talk about where you found them.
  6. Show a Drawing: Create a drawing and explain what you’ve drawn.
  7. Musical Instrument: Play a simple tune on a small instrument like a xylophone or toy drum.
  8. Dress-up Fun: Dress up in a costume and explain the character they’re pretending to be. This not only encourages creativity but also helps with social and emotional development.
  9. Something from a Recent Trip: After a family vacation or trip, have your child share a small souvenir, postcard, or even a memento like a seashell to give their classmates a glimpse into their adventures.

For Elementary School

  1. Hobby or Collection: Share a collection of items like stamps, coins, or action figures.
  2. Pet Introduction: If you have a pet, bring them in and talk about them and their personality (obviously get permission from your teacher!).
  3. Family Recipe: Bring in a dish or baked goods made from a family recipe.
  4. Artwork or Craft Project: Display a piece of art or craft project you’ve made.
  5. Historical Artifact: Share a historical item or replica and discuss its significance.
  6. Favorite Book: Talk about a book you’ve recently read and why you recommend it.
  7. Science Experiment: Demonstrate a simple science experiment.
  8. Sports Equipment: Bring in a piece of sports equipment for a sport that you play or like.

For Middle School

  1. Science Fair Project: Present a science project you’ve been working on.
  2. Personal Achievement: Share a trophy, medal, or certificate from an achievement or competition.
  3. Travel Souvenir: Show and explain a souvenir from a memorable trip.
  4. Family Heritage: Discuss your family’s heritage and bring an item that represents it.
  5. Musical Performance: Play an instrument or sing a song for your classmates.
  6. DIY Invention: Showcase a creative invention or gadget you’ve built.
  7. Historical Biography: Present a biography of a historical figure you admire.

For High School

  1. Art Portfolio: Display a collection of your artwork or photography.
  2. Model of a Scientific Concept: Create a 3D model to explain a scientific concept.
  3. Personal Project: Discuss a project you’re passionate about, such as writing, coding, or community service.
  4. TED-Style Talk: Choose a topic you’re knowledgeable about and give a short presentation.
  5. Entrepreneurial Venture: Share a small business or entrepreneurial project you’ve started.
  6. Career Aspirations: Discuss your future career goals and the steps you’re taking to achieve them.

For Adults

  1. Family Heirloom: Share a family heirloom with sentimental or historical value.
  2. Travel Experience: Present a travel journal, photos, or souvenirs from a recent trip.
  3. DIY Invention or Innovation: Showcase a personal invention, innovation, or project.
  4. Expertise or Skill: Demonstrate a skill you’ve mastered, such as cooking, gardening, or woodworking.
  5. Philanthropic Endeavor: Talk about your involvement in a charitable organization or community project.
  6. Book or Article Presentation: Share a book, article, or research project you’ve written or are passionate about.

Show and tell is not just a fun activity; it’s a valuable learning experience. These creative ideas of show and tell examples can help children develop their communication skills, enhance their self-esteem, and build connections with their peers. As parents and educators, we can encourage and support our preschoolers in this journey of self-expression and discovery. So, let’s embrace the joy of show and tell and watch our little ones flourish in the process!

More Show and Tell Examples

If you need an idea of something that starts with a particular letter then check out my show and tell ideas post where I share over 1,000 show and tell ideas.

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