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Number Tracing Sheets

One fundamental early elementary skill is learning numbers and how to write them. Today I’m sharing some number tracing sheets that can help with that. Whether you’re a teacher looking for classroom resources or a parent seeking engaging activities for your kids, these worksheets can help your kiddos learn how to write their numbers.

Number Tracing Sheets

I have two different styles of number tracing sheets. One set of worksheets focuses on numbers several numbers 1-10 and the other set of worksheets focuses on just one number on each page.

Sheets with Multiple Numbers

These sheets are great for practicing multiple numbers at once. I made one with numbers 1-5, one with numbers 6-10, and one with numbers 1-10. There are 2 versions of each of these- one version features the dotted letters with arrows for guidance and the other version has no arrows.

Number tracing sheets

You can get the sheets with multiple numbers here.

Number Tracing Sheets with One Number Each

The other number tracing sheets I have are ones that focus on one number per page. For these printables they will trace the number on the first line with arrows and numbers to guide them through the steps. Then on the next line they will trace the number again but without the arrows. On the third line they will then write the number on their own. When they finish with the number tracing and writing they can color the numbers and graphic at the top.

number 2 tracing worksheet
Number 5 tracing worksheet

You can get the sheets with one number each here.

Hopefully these worksheets will help you to be more equipped to help your kiddos work on writing their numbers. If you don’t see quite what you were looking for here I do have some other number tracing and writing worksheets available for purchase in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

number tracing bundle

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