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Election Day Word Search

Tuesday is Election Day! Each year it’s fun to take the time to teach the kids about the election process and to help with that I made up an Election Day Word Search Activity. Activities like this can be a great little add on to supplement your social studies curriculum materials or to use for early finishers of other activities.

Election Day word search activity

The Election Day Word Search features 18 vocabulary words related to elections. It includes:

  • election
  • campaign
  • democracy
  • citizen
  • law
  • government
  • vote
  • voter
  • incumbent
  • registration
  • polling place
  • representative
  • candidate
  • ballot
  • party
  • issue
  • absentee
  • majority

Election Day Word Search Printable

You can get the Election Day Word Search Printable from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. It also comes with the answer keys which makes it easy to check quickly.

Election Day word search activity

More Printable Fun

I have a lot of printables available here and at  my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Free Thanksgiving Printables 

I particularly love my free Thanksgiving printable pages here on the blog. There are 5 different pages and there’s a couple with writing prompts about what I’m thankful for, a coloring page, and Bible verse all featuring a cute turkey.

thanksgiving printable

More Crossword Puzzle Fun

If you’re looking for more crossword puzzles I’ve got a couple more. I have a Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzle and a Veteran’s Day Word Search Puzzle.

thanksgiving word search printables

You can get the Thanksgiving Word Search Printables and the Veteran’s Day Word Search Printables from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. They also come with the answer keys which make it easy to check them quickly. And for both of these I made two versions of each- one version has less words and would be easier and the other has more words and would be more difficult. The ones with more words would be great for older students and the ones with less words would work better with younger students.

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