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Last Day of School Signs 2022

The end of the school year is nearly here for us! And while it may be a little ways off where you live I wanted to go ahead and share my free printable last day of school signs 2021!

Free printable last day of school sign 2022

I know this year has been another very different year for school but we still have so many memories to capture. We love to take photos to mark the first and last day of school each year. Seeing how much my boys have grown from the beginning of the year to the end is so much fun.

We have taken pictures each year and I hope to continue taking the pictures until college. Yup, I will be that mom. Life is short and I want to savor every moment.

I know that a lot of you like to take these pictures as well so I am sharing these last day of school signs with you all.

last day of school signs 2022 4th grade

To keep your little one from crinkling the sign then you will want to print the last day of school signs 2022 onto a heavy cardstock or print it onto regular paper and then slip it into a frame. If you do put it into a frame then I recommend that you remove the glass from the frame so you don’t have to worry about any glare.

We haven’t done our actual last day of school signs yet and so I have yet to dig out the frame I always use but here’s a picture from a couple of years ago to give you an idea of what it looks like in the frame without the glass-

last day of third grade sign

Download Last Day of School Signs 2021

To get your last day of school signs click on the grade that you want. That will take you to the pdf of your last day of school sign. These signs are free for your personal (non-commercial) use.

Are your kids done with school soon? Let me know when your summer break begins in the comments below!

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Shannon G

Thursday 9th of June 2022

Today is the last day for my 7th and 12th graders. Thank you for having printables that I didn't have to download a separate program to print! These were quick and easy to use <3


Friday 17th of June 2022

You're welcome! Happy summer to your kiddos!


Thursday 2nd of June 2022

Love your creations. Don't know if my previous message got through but I have been trying many ways to get the Last Day picture to print in color and it is just not happening.

Any ideas what I could do?

Thanks in advance!


Thursday 2nd of June 2022

I'm so sorry! Please be sure to check your printer settings to be sure they are set to color and not black and white. I hope this helps!


Wednesday 1st of June 2022

I love your signs; they are the perfect bookends to our Kinders' yearlong portfolios. However, the Last Day download is not printing in color. I've tried several printers at school, my home printer, downloading from your email and from your blog post. Any suggestions? Our last day is Friday!

Thanks in advance!

Kerri E

Sunday 15th of May 2022

We are scheduled to be done on Friday, June 3rd. 🎉


Monday 16th of May 2022

Yay! Not too long to go now!

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