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Printable Teacher Gift Tags- “Thank you for helping me bloom.”

Teachers are amazing.  My boys have been blessed with some wonderful teachers this year and I want to say thank you with a small teacher gift.  At the end of the year I like to give them flowers and today I’m sharing the “Thank you for helping me bloom” gift tags I made for their end of year gifts.

teacher gift

Last year my son picked out flowers for each of his two teachers and he was dead on with picking flowers for each that matched her personal style.  He picked pretty, classic red roses for one and gerba daises in a rainbow of colors for the other.  I let both my sons pick again this year and I love seeing what they selected.

You’ve probably seen little printable tags like these with the same phrase.  It’s nothing new but I wanted to put my own spin on it and make mine with some whimsical, modern flowers.  I made them with six tags per page, and each tag has the flowers in a different color.  Pick the color that best coordinates with your flowers.

Click on the picture of the tags below to open up the pdf to print out the gift tags for your own personal use.  Print them onto cardstock or print them onto regular paper and then glue them onto cardstock.

teacher gift printables

I didn’t want to put the flowers into glass containers with water just in case we had a little accident so I soaked some floral foam in water, popped the foam into baggies and put them into these cute little galvanized tin containers.  Then I stuck the flowers into the foam.

floral foam in water in a glass

inside the containers

teacher flowers for gift

These are super simple little tags that can be added to a potted plant or some cut flowers to make a great, but easy teacher gift. I like giving flowers as a gift because they’re such a little luxury… something that I really love but don’t buy often enough.

Teachers work so so hard and do so many wonderful things for our children.  I hope that a nice note and a small token gift like this helps them to feel appreciated for all their hard work.

Printable tags for teacher floral gifts

Mary Martha Mama