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Dining Room Wall Update

I think if I keep posting about the dining room it will help me make quicker progress. I did manage to make some progress this week and I’m excited about it, but first let me bring you up to speed in case you missed it.

When we moved in the dining room looked like this:

dining room before

And here’s my lovely photoshopped plan:

dining room plan

So far I have painted the ceiling and the top of the walls above the chair rail. I chose to have a Behr Ultra paint tinted to Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy.

dining room progress of top of walls painted

I also started the treatment for the bottom of the wall. This is where I left you guys in my last post:

lattice treatment on walls

I measured, cut, and taped up all of the vertical pieces going all the way around the room to make sure I liked the spacing and that everything was level.

dining room wall with lattice taped up
dining room wall with lattice taped on
dining room wall treatment

Then I used the power nailer to tack the lattice pieces into place.

lattice nailed to wall
lattice nailed to dining wall
lattice pieces nailed to dining room wall

And then I filled the nail holes and caulked gaps at the top and bottom of the lattice pieces as well as the space where the lattice pieces met in the corners.

nail holes filled
dining room wall treatment caulked
dining room trim caulked

And now you’re up to date! My next step is to tape everything off and then paint the bottom half of the wall and all the trim in the room. Then I will replace the outlets and light switches as well as hang a mirror and curtains in the room.

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