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Modern Polar Bear & Penguin Fabrics

One of my best friends recently told me she’s expecting a baby and I’m super excited for her.  And if you’ve been around for a little while you’ve seen here on the blog that I love to sew baby burp cloths and blankets both for my own little ones and to give as gifts.  So as soon as she told me she is expecting a boy a immediately started daydreaming about what special gift to make for her son.  She made my firstborn a beautiful knit blanket and I would love to make a blanket for her son too.

When I asked her about color preferences and theme preferences she expressed that she loves penguins and polar bears and tends to favor blues and greens.  Immediately my thoughts turned to one fabric that I had used before- birch organic fabric’s Camp Modern Bear Hike in Shaddow

birch organics camp modern bear hike shaddow

Unfortunately I used that fabric about 4 years ago and it’s impossible to find now.  I scoured around for some alternatives and found some that I liked but not quite as well.  Here’s a smattering of what I found that’s available right now:

modern bear fabrics

1. Winter Frost (light blue)   2. Winter Frost (gray)   3. Bear Hike (shroom)

4. Eskimo Frozen Kiss Scenic   5. Polar Bears in Blue   6. Snowy Day (Winter Wonderland Blue)

7. Polar Bears in Charcoal   8. Birch Everyday Party Bear   9. Polar Bear Circles

I was actually heading back to the birch website to grab a picture of the unavailable fabric for this post when I stumbled upon a collection coming out in May and I’m much more excited about it!  Here’s a peek of the Bear Camp collection.

birch organics bear camp 3

birch organics bear camp fabrics

Since my friend also has a fondness for penguins I rounded up a few modern penguin fabrics as well.  Many of these are from Spoonflower, a site where you can make your own fabric designs or purchase fabrics that other individuals designed.

modern penguin fabrics

1. Eskimo Frozen Kiss Scenic   2. Charley Harper Murre   3. SOS Antarctica

4. Geometric Penguins   5. Penguin Colony   6. Watercolor Penguin

7. Just Penguins   8. Antarctic Adventure   9. Baby Penguin Dot

Whatever fabrics my friend picks I’m looking forward to creating something special for her baby boy and I’ll be sure to share some pictures of the final product with you all.

Anyone know of some great fabric sources that I might have missed in my search?  Any other fabrics to suggest?

Mary Martha Mama