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Mini Tree Skirt Pattern [Free Printable]

My boys love to decorate for holidays- especially Christmas. This year they asked if they could each have a small tree in their rooms. I thought I’d make their little trees some tree skirts and I’m sharing my mini tree skirt pattern with you all today.

mini tree skirt pattern- free printable mini Christmas tree skirt pattern #minitreeskirtpattern #minichristmastreeskirtpattern #christmassewing

To make a mini Christmas tree skirt you don’t need very much fabric so this is a great opportunity to use up some scraps of have a bit of fun. I let my boys give some input and then I picked some bright, festive fabrics that I thought they would like.

Supplies Needed

Mini Tree Skirt Pattern & Tutorial

Prepare Your Fabrics

Wash, dry, and iron your fabrics. Then cut a 16 inch square out of your top and bottom fabrics.

fabric and supplies to make a mini Christmas tree skirt
a 16 inch square of fabric

Cut Out the Mini Tree Skirt Pattern

Print out the pattern and then cut it out. Take your 16 inch square of fabric. Fold it in half. Then fold it in half again.

the fabric square folded in half
the fabric square folded in half again

When you’re done folding you should have a square again. Take your pattern piece and lay it with the little curve (where you cut off the point) in the corner of the two sides with the folds.

the folded sides of the fabric squares
the mini tree skirt pattern printed out and on top of the folded square of fabric

Cut along the two curves. When I made the mini tree skirts for my sons I found that the opening in the middle was too large so I revised the pattern.

In your pattern the opening in the middle will be smaller than in my pictures. Being a smaller curve it may be easier for you to trace a line on the fabric and then cut it with smaller scissors.

the fabric now cut

Repeat this process with the 16 inch square of fabric for the bottom of your mini tree skirt.

Cut the Slit

Open up your tree skirt circle. Now you are going to cut the slit for the back of the tree skirt. Pay attention! I messed this up and I don’t want you to make my mistake.

the fabric circle laid out

Take a look at your fabric’s pattern and think about what way you want the pattern to go. Then figure out where the back of your skirt will be. Cut a line straight from the center to the outside.

diagram showing where to cut the slit in the circle for the mini tree skirt

Now my boys don’t really care that the slit is in the side but I want you to have it in the back where it should be.

Pin & Sew It Together

Lay down your top fabric with the right side up. Then lay the bottom fabric on top of it with the right side down.

the mini tree skirt piece with the slit cut in one side
the top and bottom pieces cut out and pinned together with lines drawn on showing where to sew

Pin or use sewing clips to clip the two pieces of fabric together. Then sew all around the outside edge BUT leave a few inches unsewn on one of the sides of the slit (like the dotted lines in the picture above).

Clip & Notch

Clip the points off of the edges at the ends of the slits and then notch all around the curves of the circles. Don’t tell anyone but I cheated… I just used my pinking shears and went all the way around the edges.

Clipping the corners after sewing
notching out around the seams with pinking shears

Finish It Off

Use the hole that you left unsewn in the side of the slit and turn it right side out. Give it a good press with the iron.

Then topstich all the way around the edges of the circles and slit, leaving nothing unsewn. Give them another pressing again.

both mini tree skirts with the topstitching all done

Now add the stick-on velcro to the slit area and you’re done.

the stick on velcro attached to the slit to close the tree skirt
mini tree skirt pattern- free printable mini Christmas tree skirt pattern #minitreeskirtpattern #minichristmastreeskirtpattern #christmassewing
mini tree skirt made with this free printable mini tree skirt pattern
second mini tree skirt made with this free printable mini tree skirt pattern

The fun thing is these are technically reversible so you could have two different looks all in one skirt.

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