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How to Make Headbands with Fabric

I have shared a number of headband tutorials and patterns on this blog over the years. Personally I love a good headband and its ability to tame my mane on bad hair days or add a fun touch to an outfit. Today I’m gathering all of my headband tutorials up to show you how to make headbands with fabric.

There are so many different ways you can make headbands.  Check out this post to learn how to make headbands with fabric 10 different ways.

1. Fabric Flower Headband

This is the very first headband I ever made and I still wear it! This fabric flower headband is great because you can make it with a few fabric scraps and some elastic.

how to make headbands with fabric: Fabric Flower Headband

2. Gathered Headband

You can learn how to make a headband in this gathered headband style quickly and easily.

gathered headband

3. Knotted Headband

This DIY Knotted Headband style is probably my favorite style of headband.

knotted headband

4. DIY Headband

This DIY Heaband style is super easy to make. This may be the easiest style of headband to make on this entire list.

diy headband

5. Basic Headband

I know, basic has a negative connotation these days but I love using these basic headbands. The basic headband tutorial is also in the running for the easiest tutorial on this list.

basic headband

6. Knotted Headband (The Other One)

This is the other style of knotted headband that I’ve made. This one is really pretty especially with more flowy fabrics.

twisted headband

7. Fleece Earwarmer Headband

I love these fleece earwarmer headbands in the winter. Whenever I run I like to put my hair up but with the cold I need to cover my ears and these do that perfectly.

fleece earwarmer headband

8. Fleece Bow Headband

These fleece bow headbands are a cute variation on the fleece earwarmer headband. I shared the full tutorial over on Fleece Fun.

fleece bow headband

8. Ruffle Flower Headband

I love the fun texture of fabric flowers like the ones used to make this Ruffle Flower Headband. Another bonus is that this can be a no-sew project.

ruffle flower headband

9. Floppy Flower Headband

The Floppy Flower Headband is a fun and easy one to make with knit fabrics especially.

floppy flower headband

10. Spiral Flower Headband

The Spiral Flower Headband is one more that you can make easily without having to sew.

spiral flower headband

Now that you know how to make headbands with fabric you can choose any of these methods to make some pretty headbands for yourself or to give as gifts.

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