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DIY Spiral Flower Headband

Well, you all know I love myself some headbands.  Can’t stop making them.  I recently made a few more and today I’m sharing one of my newbies.

I wanted to make some thing from my stash of stuff I had on hand so I decided to use some of the felt that I always have hanging around.  My thoughts seem to turn to flower headbands quite often and that’s where they went.  I chose colors that I thought would be nice for transitioning to fall.

felt spiral flower headband

Hopefully I managed to pair the burgundy with mustard without it looking too reminiscent of ketchup and mustard.

Here’s how I made it:

Step 1- Make a headband from elastic.  I cut a piece of elastic to 21 inches and then sewed over the two overlapped ends to form a loop.  Or you can begin with a ready-made headband if you don’t want to have to sew.  The rest of this tutorial is no-sew.

elastic headbandStep 2- Cut out a few circles.  They do not have to be perfect.  In fact, I think they look a little better if they are not. (# 1 in pic below)

Step 3- Cut a spiral into the circles.  If you want it to be a little less circular and more organic, make your spiral a little wobbly. (#2 in pic below)

diy spiral felt flower stepsStep 4- Put a line of hot glue along the inside edge of the spiral.  Slowly press the edge toward the center, working around the flower.  This is similar to another fabric flower headband I shared before, but with no twisting.

diy spiral felt flower headband 3diy spiral felt flower headband 4Step 5- Arrange the flowers that you want to use.  Once you figure out an arrangement you like then glue them down onto another piece of felt.

diy spiral felt flower headband 2Step 6- Trim the felt so that it is close to the middle of the back of the flowers and will not show.  Put a little dab glue in between the flowers and pinch them together.  This will also help the flowers to hide the bottom piece of felt.

diy spiral felt flower headband 5 diy spiral felt flower headband 6Step 7- Glue the flower piece to the headband.

Step 8- Then glue another scrap onto the back on the elastic for a little added security.

diy spiral felt flower headband 7diy spiral felt flower headband for fall squareAnd you’re done!

This headband is super simple and I hope you’ll give it a try.  Let me know if you do.  What do you think… is it too early to be thinking about fall?  My kiddo starts school soon so I’ve begun to think about it a little.

diy spiral felt flower headband for fall square pin
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