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DIY Whiteboard Calendar

I don’t know about you but I need all the help I can get with organization. This time of year especially we have a ton going on and so I wanted to make myself a DIY whiteboard calendar just for all of my work stuff so that it is separate from our family calendar. Today I’m showing you how you can make one too!

DIY Whiteboard Calendar tutorial

Supplies Needed

DIY Whiteboard Calendar Tutorial

Cut the Design

Use one of the calendar images in Design Space or use my calendar project file. Adjust the size of the images to fit your whiteboard. When everything is to your liking hit the Create button. Design Space will then have you select how you will load your materials and size of mat if you are using one.

selecting mat in Design Space

Next Design Space will have you select your material and walk you through loading the correct blade and the material. One you do all that you will hit the Go button and the machine will begin cutting.

selecting materials in Design Space
loading the vinyl

Apply the Design

When the Maker 3 is done cutting the design press the unload button. Next you will weed the vinyl. This means you will remove the pieces of vinyl that are not part of your design. The weeding tool makes this a much easier job.

weeding the vinyl
the weeded vinyl

Now peel the backing off of the transfer tape and apply the transfer tape to the front of the vinyl. Use the scraping tool to really get it firmly applied.

applying the transfer tape to the vinyl

Flip the design over and peel off the paper backing from the vinyl so that the design is now on the transfer tape.

the vinyl attached to the transfer tape

Use the transfer tape to apply the design to your whiteboard. Press and smooth everything down with the scraper tool.

applying the vinyl with transfer tape

Then peel the transfer tape off. You’re all done!

the finished product
DIY Whiteboard Calendar tutorial

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Tuesday 17th of May 2022

This is so cute and handy! Thanks for sharing.


Wednesday 18th of May 2022

Thank you so much!

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