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The Cheeky One

“Thomas!  He’s the cheeky one!  James is vain but lots of fun…”  Mamas of boys and girls who love trains know what I’m singing about.  The rest of you probably think I’m a little loopy.  A loves Thomas.  He’s loved his trains fiercely since about the age of 2.  So back in March when my I was fabric shopping in Amish country I snagged a yard of Thomas fabric.  I think it was $2.49.  Not sure if that’s the exact price, but it was cheap.   I decided to use it to make a bean bag type of floor cushion for my son.

Thomas the Tank Engine floor cushion

I used a tutorial from Made By Rae.  Hers was the first square one I found on Pinterest.  I adjusted the measurements a little bit, making my cushion a bit shorter and I added a handle.  She filled hers with fabric scraps but I used some Polyfil bean bag filler that I bought ages ago for $0.75 at a yard sale.  Of course I left myself only a very small hole to get the tiny Polyfil balls in, but I managed to make a funnel out of a paper plate to slide them in without going crazy.

Thomas the Tank Engine cushion on top of carpet

He LOVES it.  I gave it to him yesterday and He has used it every time we have watched TV since.

thomas cushion in use

Mary Martha Mama