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Blankets, Blankets, & More Blankets!

Lately I’ve been working on more baby blankets.  I recently made one for a friend’s baby shower and I’m adding a few to the shop soon.

Here’s the one I made for the shower:

vespa blanket b
vespa blanket backAnd here’s one I added to the shop last week:

gum drop blue blanket

gum drop blue blanket unflodedSo, I want to know…

Which styles do you like best?

Patchwork or one continuous piece of fabric for the front?

Self binding (where the back comes around to the front on the pink blanket) or where the back doesn’t show on the front (like the dot blanket)?

Bubble dot minky or smooth?

I’d love your opinions as I’m adding more blankets to the shop and want to know what people like.  Thanks in advance!

Mary Martha Mama