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The Boys’ Book Bag [Valentine’s Day Edition]

Boys book bag

It has been a loong while but today I’m back with another edition of The Boys’ Book Bags and this time it’s all about Valentine’s Day books!  Because really, what little boys don’t just love all the mushy, pink, frilly Valentines Day stuff?

We’ve been enjoying a few books about Valentine’s Day and love lately and so I thought I’d share a few of the ones that we enjoy with you all.  We own some of these and the rest we were able to get from our local library.

Books for the Preschool Boy

1. Mouse and Mole, Secret Valentine (A Mouse and Mole Story)

My son has a thing for mice.  I don’t understand it, but he loves them, so any book where a mouse figures as a main character is always a hit.  This is actually a compilation of four short Valentines stories, which is nice.

mouse and mole book cover

2. OLIVIA and the Perfect Valentine

Yes, we read Olivia books to our boys.  I love the original Olivia books (the ones from before the show) but whenever my son likes a particular character I like to check out their holiday books too, even if they are not the originals.  I think my son relates to Olivia in many ways, especially to having a little brother.

olivia valentine book cover

3. God Gave Us Love

Words cannot adequately express how much I love all of the “God Gave Us…” books.  We have God Gave Us Easter and I’m working on collecting more because they have such a wonderful way of explaining life and love to children.  I highly recommend these books!

God gave us love book cover

4. The Valentine Bears

This one is a childhood favorite of mine and I love that my preschooler loves it too.  The drawings in this are so pretty.

The Valentine Bears book cover

5. Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George

To say that our son love Curious George is an understatement, so we have slowly been collecting all the different George books.

Curious George book cover

Books for the Toddler Boy

1. Counting Kisses: A Kiss & Read Book

I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t love Karen Katz.  This is always a fun bedtime book and is especially fun for Valentine’s Day.

Counting Kisses book cover

2. Guess How Much I Love You

This one is a little more wordy, so depending on your toddler they may or may not be ready to sit through it.  This has just recently started holding my 18 month old’s attention.  My 4 year old also enjoys reading this one, so it’s one that lasts a good while.

Guess How Much I love you book cover

3. Clifford’s First Valentine’s Day

Our little one is in a big dog phase right now.  He adores the Clifford board books that we have.  While this one may be a bit wordier it still holds his attention well.  This is also a good one for our preschooler.

Clifford's Valentines Day book cover

4. Where Is Baby’s Valentine?: A Lift-the-Flap Book

Karen Katz + Lift the flaps = a winner.  ALWAYS!

Where is baby's Valentine book cover

5. Tucker’s Valentine

This one is a bit silly, but for whatever reason I like it.

Tucker's Valentine book cover

Do you have any favorite books you like to read with your children around Valentine’s Day?  I always love to hear a good book recommendation, so please share!

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