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Fill Your Home with Inspiring Words (Isaiah 41:10)

Printable- Isaiah 41

I love filling our home with inspiring images, quotes, and verses from the Bible.  I really liked this image for  A’s room but the colors and fonts just did not suit him so I played with different colors and fonts until I had an image that I’m happy with.  He can’t read yet, but if there is anything that I would want to surround my children with, it is the secure and everlasting love of the Lord.

I printed mine as an at Office Max because I could upload the image onto their website at home and then pick it up later at the store.  To fit in with the other prints I have going on in his room I printed it as an 11X14, which left a little bit of a white border, but you cannot see that in the frame that I used.  I can’t remember the exact amount but I know the print cost me about $2.  I popped it into an old frame that I found at a thrift store and hung it on the wall in A’s room with a few other personal items.  This print isn’t anything very fancy, but it is something that carries deep personal meaning and it does add some bold color to his wall as well.

If you’re looking for some art for your child’s room or any other room in your home, consider taking one of your favorite verses and creating some graphic art with it.

print out of Isaih 41:10 hanging on the wall

As a side note, pray for us this morning.  We have a very sick kiddo who had a really rough night.  We will be heading in to the doctor’s office this morning.  As a mama it’s so hard to watch them go through something and know that there is very little that you can do for them outside of providing a little comfort.

Mary Martha Mama