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Last Day of School Signs 2020

I know I’m posting this a little early but this end of the school year is so weird that I’m sharing my last day of school signs 2020 early.

Grab these free printable Last Day of School 2020 signs and snap photos of your kids to see how much they've grown. Features signs for preschool to 12th.

With distance learning I thought perhaps some schools and districts may be finishing a bit early this year so I wanted to get these out to you all a few weeks before I would normally do so.

We love to take photos to mark the first and last day of school each year. Seeing how much my boys have grown from the beginning of the year to the end.

first day of kindergarten sign

We have taken pictures each year and I hope to continue taking the pictures until college. Yup, I will be that mom. Life is short and I want to savor every moment.

I know that a lot of you like to take these pictures as well so I am sharing these last day of school signs with you all.

To keep your little one from crinkling the sign then you will want to print the last day of school signs 2020 onto a heavy cardstock or print it onto regular paper and then slip it into a frame.

last day of kindergarten sign

If you do put it into a frame then I recommend that you remove the glass from the frame so you don’t have to worry about any glare.

last day of school signs 2019:  third grade sign

Download Last Day of School Signs 2020

To get your last day of school signs click on the grade that you want. That will take you to the pdf of your last day of school sign. These signs are free for your personal (non-commercial) use.

We have 4 more weeks left to go. When does your school year end? Let me know down in the comments below!

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