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Black-Thumbed Mama

It’s official.  I have yet to keep a plant alive.  Well, not totally true, as my husband and I have had a vegetable garden for the past three summers that has been very successful, but that’s probably just because my husband does the brunt of the work with the garden.  And veggies tend to be hearty, or so I hear.  But any plant that I’ve actually tried to keep alive in the house has perished fairly quickly.

Hoping not to pass my lack of plant-prowess on to my sons I decided that our Spring Bucket List should include a springy, plant-related item.  So I bought some seeds and a cute little container.

We planted them.  And said a prayer.

Then we sat back and waited.  I had my 3 year old help me with the planting and then the watering.  He thoroughly enjoyed checking on his plants every morning.

And one morning we woke up to a little green.

And eventually they grew a bit taller.

And then one morning I accidentally knocked one over.  Yes, yes, I did nearly cry.

Well, two of the plants are still going strong.  We don’t have any flowers yet, but maybe we just need to wait longer.  Or more likely I did something wrong like planting them in too shallow of containers and it has stunted their growth.  I need to transplant them outside.

Despite the lack of flowers, it has been a good experience.  A and I have had some great little conversations about plants and it brought a little bit of green into the house before Spring had really arrived outside.  Last week he got to help Daddy plant the vegetable seedlings into our garden outside and he had a blast.  He was also thinking that we should have veggies already the next day, so we’re still learning to be patient with growth.

Mary Martha Mama