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Getting My Ducks in a Row

You ever feel like your house is just in utter chaos?

I know, if you’re like me and you have little kids some of it just can’t be avoided.  Sometimes it’s all about surviving and making sure you love on those babies even if there is a pile of books covered with dust bunnies sitting on nearly every surface and every drawer looks like a junk drawer.

messy drawer

But lately it’s just been too much for this type-A mama.  I feel a little like the Grinch when he complains about all the “toys, toys, toys” only I’m thinking all the “junk, junk, junk”.  So it’s time to do something about it- time to restore order to the chaos of our home.

My strategy is to go room by room.  I am going to spend each week working on one room in our house.  At the beginning of each week I am going to make a to-do list and then focus on purging, organizing, spring cleaning, and improving.

messy closet

First up-

The Master Bedroom

Here’s the to-do:

  • empty out everything (drawers, closets, etc) and evaluate what should go
  • reorganize said drawers and closets
  • finish hanging wall art above bed (yup, I have only hung one picture so far)
  • dust vents, blinds, registers, and ceiling fans
  • wipe down baseboards and walls
  • putty holes in wall (from hanging curtains)
  • touch up paint
  • wash windows inside and out

As you can see there isn’t a crazy amount of stuff to do in there but a lot of it I have just been dragging my feet and need to just get done with already.  I’ll be back next week to share before and after photos so be sure to check back for that.  I’ll also let you know which room I’ll tackle next.

Anyone else feeling the need to do some Spring cleaning/projects?

Mary Martha Mama