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Essential Sewing Tools: My 7 Favorite Tools

Forget raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, let’s talk about my real favorites- essential sewing tools!

Now clearly we all have or favorites and just because I love something doesn’t mean that you will. We all have our preferences but I do highly recommend each of the following as I have had great experiences with each one of them and they are the tools that I use the most.

My Sewing Machine- I have a Brother SE 400 and I really like it. It is a combo sewing and embroidery machine. I’ve had it for over 2 years now and it has worked beautifully. If you’re just starting out you can definitely get by with something more basic (and cheaper) but this is a good option that does a little more and isn’t too expensive.

essential sewing tools

My Rotary Cutting Set- I could not live without my rotary cutting set! This just makes it so much easier to get really accurate cuts that are perfect. I cannot say enough good things about how essential a rotary cutting set is if you plan to get into sewing. You also can buy the rotary cutter and quilt ruler separate if you want to get a bigger cutting mat which leads me to…

essential sewing tools

My Cutting Mat- So the set above is a great starter set especially if you don’t plan on making bigger projects BUT if you want a bigger cutting mat then you will love this folding cutting mat.

essential sewing tools

Sewing Clips– This is a newer favorite of mine but I find that sometimes sewing clips work better for me than pins. I still use pins but these clips are great especially if you’re sewing with a fabric like vinyl that you don’t want to put holes in.

essential sewing tools

Hem ruler- The hem ruler has made my hemming life so much easier and it’s such an inexpensive tool. You can iron right on top of it without damaging it.

hem ruler

Thread Snips- I have these thread snips and they work so well for getting into tight spots and cutting off loose threads on your projects.

essential sewing tools

Pinking Shears- These are fabulous for helping prevent fabric from fraying too much. Love the soft grip on these pinking shears.

pinking shears

So there you have it, my 7 essential sewing tools, the ones I use all the time. What are your essential sewing tools? Let me know your favorites in the comments below!

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essential sewing tools
Mary Martha Mama