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Fun Fabric Finds- Vol. 1

I have a lot readers who write to me to ask where I get my fabrics for projects on the blog. There are many good places to get fabrics these days. I thought it would be fun to take you all shopping with me so I can show you some of the places I love to shop and the fun fabrics I come across.

First stop: Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby doesn’t have the largest fabric selection by any stretch but I often find fun options here that I don’t see other places. Here are some fabrics that caught my eye yesterday.

Seasonal Fabrics

I loved this Leopard Print Sweater Knit Fabric that was in the seasonal section. It was super soft, had a nice drape and I thought it would make a perfect scarf. It’s out of stock online but you might be able to find it in your store.

I also found this Fall Floral Knit Fabric in the seasonal section. They’re calling it a fall floral knit but with the holly and berries and the red/pink and green/teal I feel like it’s more of a fun, modern Christmas fabric.

We all know red buffalo check is everywhere but I really love this Green & Black Buffalo Check Cotton Fabric. I think I might make a scarf from this one too.

For Christmas I saw many of the traditional options and a lot fabrics with a vintage vibe. I like this Christmas On The Farm Cotton Fabric one a lot. It’s a stiffer cotton canvas and would be good for making a fabric bin or tote, something like that.

Cotton Prints

The next fabrics that caught my eye were basically the opposite of Christmas- summery, floral prints. I love the bright colors and the cute, tropical vibe of the Beach Time Besties Apparel Fabric .

I also loved this Wispy Rose & Mum Apparel Fabric, especially together with this Navy & White Gingham Fabric. The picture is pretty dark but I promise they are navy and not black. I feel like I might need to make pillows with these. They’re not home decor fabric but I still might do it.

Speaking of florals… this Watercolor Blush Rose Apparel Fabric also caught my eye.

Home Decor Fabric

I did not spend a ton of time in the home decor section (I will have to go back!) but this Pink & Cream Buffalo Check Duck Cloth would be so pretty in a little girl’s room or nursery.

I have eyed this fabric a few times before and I think I might make a couple of pillows from it. It’s on clearance and I can’t find it on the Hobby Lobby website but you might be able to find this one in your store too.


I really love the Cozy Gauze Fabric section of Hobby Lobby. They have some really pretty solid shades and a few cute prints.

My favorite print is this sweet Lambkins Gauze Fabric although the Cozy Whaley Blue Gauze Fabric one is pretty cute too.

I also found a bunch of non-fabric Christmas stuff that was so cute but I think I’ll save it for another post.

Which fabric is your favorite? What would you make with it? Let me know in the comments below!

Mary Martha Mama