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DIY Cookie Jar Makeover Project

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DIY Cookie Jar Makeover- Make over an old cookie jar with a rustic farmhouse style buffalo check following this tutorial. Perfect for milk and cookies time together as a family. #diycookiejar #buffalocheck #RealMilkMoment #LoveWhatsReal

We love to have special milk and cookies time together as a family and having a cute cookie jar stocked and real 2% milk in the fridge makes this super fun and easy. You can do your own DIY Cookie Jar makeover project like mine following this simple tutorial.

DIY Cookie Jar Makeover

It all started when I found a cookie jar in the clearance section. I loved the shape but it had a big letter N on it and that’s not any of our initials. So I set about to make it over.

the cookie jar

Supplies Needed:

  • cookie jar
  • spray primer
  • paint (white and whatever color you want)
  • vinyl to cut out a word (or paint to paint it on by hand)

DIY Cookie Jar Makeover Tutorial:

Wipe down the cookie jar to make sure it’s clean. Tape off any areas that you do not want to be painted. Then spray with a spray paint primer. Make sure that the primer is one that can be used on ceramics. Do a couple of thin coats so you don’t get any drips.

the cookie jar primed

Paint the Base Coat

Paint the lid and the jar with the colors you want. Paint a thin layer and let it dry. Then repeat until you have the coverage you like.

the diy cookie jar painted

Paint the Stripes

I took my pink paint and mixed it with some of my white to make a lighter pink. It was about 1 part pink and 2 parts white. I used it to paint my stripes.

So you could measure and tape off your stripes but I was going for a hand-painted, farmhouse type look so I didn’t do that. Basically I painted 4 stripes onto the jar, as though I was dividing it into quarters.

Then I painted 4 more stripes, one between each of the original 4. This way I got 8 stripes that are roughly equally spaced.

the vertical stripes

Then I added 4 horizontal stripes.

the vertical and horizontal stripes

Fatten Up the Stripes

So to make the buffalo check look you need to make it so that the white squares and the pink squares will be about the same size. To do this I went through and made all of my stripes thicker.

the vertical and horizontal stripes once fattened up

Paint the Checks

Then I took the pink paint (straight from the bottle, not the mixture used on the stripes) and painted the squares where the horizontal and vertical stripes overlapped.

painting the darker pink squares
diy cookie jar completed

Add Words

Once you have painted everything allow it to dry. I added the word “cookies” with vinyl. You could add a word or an initial with vinyl or you could paint it on by hand.

diy cookie jar makeover


For quality milk and cookies time you need to have some milk and cookies. Milk is a part of many everyday moments that are special. The time we share as a family at the table is some of the best stuff of life.

diy cookie jar with milk and cookies

This week I stopped by the store and picked up some baking supplies and milk for my kids. I grabbed some 2% milk and some chocolate milk for a fun treat.

the milk section of the grocery store

Dairy milk is not the same as non-dairy alternatives- dairy milk is naturally nutrient- rich while many of the nutrients found in non-dairy alternatives like almond milk, soy milk, and coconut milk have to be added in. Dairy milk has essential nutrients like Vitamin A which supports a healthy immune system and high-quality protein for lean muscle.

Dairy milk is minimally processed and farm fresh. It’s a simple, wholesome beverage with just three ingredients- milk, vitamin A, and vitamin D. The nutritional label on a gallon of milk lists sugar but the sugar is not added, it’s naturally occurring lactose. When you see cane sugar or cane juice in the ingredients of alternatives it indicates that sugar has been added.

Milk delivers more nutritional value per penny than just about any other beverage. Dairy milk is about a quarter per serving but the alternatives are all more:

  • Soy milk is $0.44 per 8-ounce serving.
  • Almond milk is $0.45 per 8-ounce serving.
  • Coconut milk is $0.56 per 8-ounce serving.
  • Flax milk is $0.61 per 8-ounce serving.
  • Rice milk is $0.79 per 8-ounce serving.*

*Sales data from IRI, calendar year 2017, and average online grocery prices for top markets.

Our grocery budget is really important for staying on budget each month. The average American household spends about 10% of their budget on food- nearly $80 a week for groceries. Based on averages, the average family would spend $628 on dairy milk for a year but it would cost $1,222 for vanilla almond milk for that same year- they would save almost $600 by buying dairy milk.*

*Based on an average family size of 2.58 people per the 2010 US Census. Additional Reference: U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration. U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census Summary.

Real milk is so essential for so many of the dishes we love- creamy macaroni and cheese, alfredo sauce, crème brulée, yogurt, and more. Milk adds dimension and brings out the fantastic flavors of the dishes we all love. I love how milk is a part of our special moments around the table as a family together.

Visit to learn more about the different types of real milk for you and your family.

Mary Martha Mama