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Animals that Start with E

There are so many amazing animals out there and today I want to share my list of animals that start with E. Some are pretty common and others are more exotic ones that you may not have heard of before.

Animals that start with E African elephant

Maybe you need to come up with some sort of show and tell that involves animals or maybe you are playing a game like Scattergories and you need to think of an animal that begins with the letter E. No matter why you need to think of animals that begin with the letter E I have a long list of animals for you to choose from!

Common Animals that Start with E

  1. Elephant
  2. Eagle
  3. Eel
  4. Elk
  5. Emu
  6. Echidna
  7. Emperor Penguin
  8. Egyptian Mau (cat breed)
  9. European Hare
  10. Earthworm
  11. Electric Eel
  12. Elephant Seal

More Exotic Animals that Start with E

  1. Ermine
  2. Eastern Gorilla
  3. European Robin (bird)
  4. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
  5. Edible Frog
  6. Eurasian Lynx
  7. European Polecat
  8. Eider (bird)
  9. Eastern Newt
  10. Eland (antelope)
  11. European Fire Salamander
  12. European Adder (snake)
  13. Eastern Bluebird (bird)
  14. European Hamster
  15. Elegant Tern (bird)
  16. Eurasian Brown Bear
  17. European Green Lizard
  18. European Perch (fish)
  19. Emperor Tamarin (primate)
  20. European Otter
  21. Elf Owl (bird)
  22. European Eel
  23. Eurasian Wren (bird)
  24. Elephant Shrew
  25. European Starling (bird)
  26. Eastern Screech Owl (bird)
  27. Eastern Box Turtle
  28. Egyptian Goose
  29. European Badger
  30. Epaulette Shark
  31. European Pine Marten
  32. Eagle Ray
  33. European Green Woodpecker (bird)
  34. European Hedgehog
  35. Eft (young newt)
  36. Eastern Brown Snake
  37. European Mantis
  38. Eagle Owl

I hope that this list was able to help you out with whatever animal list needs you might have! 

My favorite animal of these is probably the elephant. My boys loved to go see the elephants at the zoo when they were younger and that was a lot of fun. Do you have a favorite animal from this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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