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Costco Haul June 2023

Technically this Costco shopping trip took place last week while it was still May but it’s June now so we’re going to call this the June Haul. We love Costco and so I thought I’d share our Costco Haul for June 2023 with you all today!

Costco Haul storefront

Ok, so let’s get this out of the way. Some of you love warehouse stores, some of you don’t. Clearly not everything at Costco (or any store for that matter) is a good deal. Our membership costs $60 for a whole year and based on our family’s needs we find it to be worth it financially. You’d have to do the math to see if it would work for your family.

We go to Costco about once a month for certain items so I thought I’d start sharing with you what we get on these trips each month. Obviously this is not all we eat in a month. We get some other groceries from Walmart pickup once a week as well. Like I said before, there are some things that are not necessarily a better deal at Costco and also there are some things Costco doesn’t have or we do not need in bulk so we get those in our pick ups. 

Also, we live in Ohio. Prices and items offered vary depending where you are shopping.

Costco Haul June 2023

Chicken and Apple Sausages

I love these Aidell’s chicken apple sausages. It’s an easy main dish to grill up and a nice change of pace from brats or hot dogs.

aides sausage

Bacon Crumbles

I love to have these in the fridge to add to salads. They just really plus up salads and help them from getting boring.

bacon bits

Pickled Beets

These are not for me. I absolutely cannot stand beets. We bought these to put together with some other items for a gift basket for my father-in-law for Father’s Day.



These blackberries were $2.59. My boys love fruit and these were a great price so we snatched them up.


Storage Containers

We were so excited that these were on sale and grabbed them right away. So far I have used a couple of them and they are great.

storage containers

Heavy Cream

The heavy cream is a great price.

heavy cream

Olive Garden Italian Dressing

My son loves this salad dressing. The price for 2 bottles is pretty good.

Costco haul salad dressing

Keto Bread

This is the best tasting keto bread that we have found anywhere. It’s pricey but it really helps me to stay on diet.

Costco haul June 2023 keto bread

Beef Sticks

My husband and boys love these meat sticks so of course we grabbed some since they were on sale.

Costco haul June 2023 meat sticks

Black Pepper

Costco actually has course ground pepper (in addition to peppercorns and regular pepper) which my husband uses in a couple of his meat rubs and this is a great place to grab some at a good price.

Costco haul June 2023 black pepper


We picked up some of this pepperoni for pizzas and snacking.

Costco haul June 2023 pepperoni

Mini Pizzas

We keep these in the freezer for date nights or when we need to make a quick lunch.

Costco haul June 2023 pizzas

Pork Shoulder Roast

I think I shared this pork shoulder roast last time but it’s such a good price I thought I’d share it again.

Costco haul June 2023 pork shoulder

Rao’s Marinara

We grabbed one of these sets of 2 jars of marinara. If you have never tried Rao’s it’s a great sauce.

Costco haul June 2023 raos

Smoked Mozzarella and Artichoke Sausages

We grabbed these to try and I’ll have to let you all know how they are once we try them later this week.

Costco haul June 2023 sausage

Frozen Fruit Pops

We grabbed these to try as well and I’ll have to report back on these. You can almost never have too many popsicles in the summer when you have kids.

Costco haul June 2023 frozen fruit bars

Sweet Peppers

We love to have these on hand for snacking so I picked up a pack.

Costco haul June 2023 sweet peppers

Snack Containers

We no longer have little kids so I did not need these but they seemed really neat for those of you who have littles. The snack containers screw together to connect and unscrew to disconnect. Plus they are so cute!

snack containers

Organic White Cheddar Burgers

I did not get these but I’m intrigued. Have any of you tried these? I might have to get them next time.

white cheddar burger
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