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Dress Like a Gilmore S1 E2

In case you missed my post last week I am going to be blogging my way through the fashions of the series Gilmore Girls.  Like many elder millennials I’m going to be watching through the series this fall and winter while working or working out on the treadmill anyway so I thought it would be fun to share some thoughts about the fashion and the series itself.

Season 1 Episode 2

Quick Recap

We get to see the Lorelei’s first day at Chilton! And since we spend so much time at Chilton we don’t see a ton of clothes because they wear uniforms. We also get to see Emily get a little more involved in the girls’ lives and that makes for some fun.


As a reminder I’m not going to cover every outfit in the series, I’m just going to cover a few each episode, the ones I really like or that stand out. This episode is a little light on the clothes due to the amount of time spent at Chilton in the uniforms. I’m just going to discuss a couple of stand outs.

Red Toenails

I still love a good chambray shirt. I haven’t worn corduroy in a while but it feels like classic fall so I may need to add some to my updated wardrobe.

First Day at Chilton

So the whole “it’s laundry day and I overslept so I have absolutely nothing better than this to wear” thing is obviously a bit over exaggerated here. You can literally see other things in her closet that are not as bad as this combination. But this is obviously a more fun and embarrassing situation so here we are. I’d never be caught dead in this but I actually really like the belted coat here.

Pizza with Lane

The girls do casual well. This is all basic but good stuff. I have the striped shirt I linked and I love it. Size up if you grab this one!

Random Thoughts

  • Miss Patty gets some of the best lines. If I were ever to be an actress (which will never happen with my severe stage fright) I would want to be someone outrageous like her.
  • “If I am to fetch you like a dog I’d like a cookie and a raise.” is such a classic Michel line.
  • It plays comedically but I do feel bad for Rory starting a new high school seems like it would be super hard emotionally, socially, academically and all.
  • It’s interesting that Lorelai won’t consider dating this random Chilton dad but then dates Max later on.
  • I feel like maybe Lorelai is a little ungracious with Emily in this episode. Yes, Emily needs to learn some boundaries but Lorelai overreacts a little I think.
  • Lane is a better friend to Rory than Rory is to Lane.

Do you like Gilmore Girls? Let me know if you do and if you have any thoughts about the episode, the clothes, etc. in the comments below!


Thursday 22nd of December 2022

Love this new series! <3


Tuesday 27th of December 2022

Thank you!

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