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Costco Haul April 2023

We have been Costco members for like a year now and we really enjoy many of the things that they offer so I thought I’d share our Costco haul for this month with you all today.

Costco Haul storefront

Ok, so let’s get this out of the way. Some of you love warehouse stores, some of you don’t. Clearly not everything at Costco (or any store for that matter) is a good deal. Our membership costs $60 for a whole year and based on our family’s needs we find it to be worth it financially. You’d have to do the math to see if it would work for your family.

We go to Costco about once a month for certain items so I thought I’d start sharing with you what we get on these trips each month. Obviously this is not all we eat in a month. We get some other groceries from Walmart pickup once a week as well. Like I said before, there are some things that are not necessarily a better deal at Costco and also there are some things Costco doesn’t have or we do not need in bulk so we get those in our pick ups.

Also, we live in Ohio. Prices and items offered vary depending where you are shopping.

Costco Haul April 2023 horizontal

Costco Haul April 2023

Roasted Garlic Kielbasa

We have had these roaster garlic sausages before and really like them for a quick meal grilled up with some vegetables. It was $17.49 for 3 lbs (10 sausages). For those of you doing keto (like we are sometimes) it’s 2.4 carbs per sausage and they’re pretty large.

sausages from Costco haul

Pork Shoulder Butt

We get a lot of the meats we smoke at Costco. For some reason I didn’t snag a specific photo of this but it’s in the picture above (in the pink bag near the top) with all the groceries on the table. Pork shoulder butt was $1.49 per pound.

Polish Sausages

We tried these polish beef sausages for the first time this trip and they’re pretty good. My husband likes them more that I do. I like them a lot, I just prefer the garlic ones I mentioned above. These were $16.99 for 2.25 pounds (12 sausages). They were 1 carb per sausage each.

Costco all beef sausages

Chunky Guacamole Cups

These little individual guacamole cups are great for my husband to have on hand to take to work for a nice snack with some veggies or keto chips. They were $12.99.



We stocked up on eggs this time. They were $4.99 for 24 eggs.


Parchment Paper

I use parchment paper when I make bacon and when I bake. This was $12.99 for 410 square feet or 164 feet in length. This was a way better deal than I’ve seen anywhere else for it so we snagged it.

parchment paper

Outshine Popsicles

My boys love these popsicles. They are on sale this week so it was only $8.99 for 24.

outshine popsicles


I love having this salmon on hand in the freezer for easy meals. We like to have salmon about once a week and this frozen salmon is actually really good for frozen salmon. It was $32.99 for 3 pounds.



A staple that we like to get at Costco is the butter. It was $11.49 for pounds.


Keto Granola

My husband loves to have this granola for breakfast on weekdays.

keto granola

hilo Life Keto Chips

These are another keto staple that my husband loves. They do not always have these at Costco and the flavors change out periodically. This past Saturday they were bringing out the Lime flavor which was great because the Nacho flavor was on clearance. These are normally a pricey buy but they are a great snack to occasionally have while doing keto.

hilo chips
hilo chip clearance

Cheese Dip

We are having some friends over for Mexican soon so we grabbed one of these cheese dips. The dip is really good and $8.99.

cheese dip from Costco haul


Everyone in our family loves scallops. They are a bit of a splurge but I grabbed these to have for a nice family meal soon. At Thanksgiving I used these frozen scallops to make bacon wrapped scallops and it worked out very nicely. The 2 pound bag was $34.99.

salmon picked up on Costco haul

Other Stuff from our Costco Haul

I was shopping with my family and neglected to get pictures of a few of the other things we got. You can see some of these items in the picture at the top of the post.

  • watermelon- this was pretty good for so early in the season ($6.99)
  • corn- so this was expensive since it’s out of season but our boys really love it so we grabbed one ($5.89 for 8 ears)
  • mini peppers- ($4.29)
  • raspberries- ($5.49)
  • blackberries- ($2.79)
  • keto bread- this keto bread is my favorite on the market ($9.59 for 2 loaves)
  • healthy noodles- the best keto noodles we have found (16.99 for 6 packs of noodles)
  • fresh mozzarella- ($7.99 for 2 long logs)

Clearly, I need to do a better job on my next Costco Haul with taking pictures. Do you shop at Costco? Let me know your favorite items if you do!

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