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Valentine’s Day Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I whipped up some cute Valentine’s Day math worksheets for Kindergarten. Whether you are a parent and your kiddo at home could use a little extra practice with her numbers or you are a teacher wanting some themed activities for your classroom I hope these add a little fun to your February.

Use these 20 pages of Valentine's Day Math Worksheets for Kindergarten to help your students work on their math skills while having some fun.

Included Activities

Addition Practice

In total there are 20 pages of activities. There are 3 pages of basic addition problems. Two of the pages focus on adding with numbers 0 to 5 and one of the pages incorporates the numbers 6 and 7 as well.

Valentine's Day Addition Worksheets

Number Practice Pages

There are 11 pages of number practice. Each page focuses on one number from 0-10. On each page the student would practice tracing and writing the number. Then she or he will complete an activity to practice number recognition or counting.

These pages could even be great practice for some preschool-aged kiddos.

Valentine's Day Number Worksheets

Missing Numbers

There is one page where children fill in missing numbers when counting by 1 up to 20 and one page where they fill in the missing numbers when counting by 5. On another page kids will trace the numbers 1 to 20 inside of hearts.

Valentine's Day Math Worksheets for Kindergarten


There are 3 more activities included. One page is a very basic color by number of a cute Valentine’s Day monster.

On another page kids can practice counting and coloring in the correct number of hearts. Another page is an AB pattern practice sheet.

Get the Valentine’s Day Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

I hope that you and your kiddos enjoy these math practice sheets. You can purchase this pack of math activities from my Teacher’s Pay Teachers Store.

If you want more Valentine’s Day fun then be sure to grab my FREE Valentine’s Day coloring pages or FREE printable Super Hero Valentines. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your kiddos.

Mary Martha Mama