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Last night we had some big storms in our area and we had to retreat to the basement until about 10 pm when they said the threat of tornadoes had passed us.  Our 3 year old and 9 month old seemed to think it was glorious that we had gotten them out of bed to go play down there, thought the baby did get cranky by the end.  My husband and I stayed up a little longer to keep an eye on the situation.  So we are running on empty this morning!  But let’s talk about yesterday morning…

We are still having tons of fun checking off the items on our Spring Bucket List.  Yesterday we checked off one more activity.  It was a nice, warm day but in the morning and afternoon we had rain showers.  The morning shower was brief.  Once the sun came out I knew that we had the perfect opportunity to take a walk in our rain boots and splash in the puddles.

puddle splash At first I had to convince A that he was allowed to walk in the puddles.  We have some uneven sidewalks in our neighborhood and I’ve trained him to go around the deep puddles so that his tennis shoes (and consequently his socks) won’t get wet.  So it was weird to him that I was suddenly encouraging him to jump right in but after I explained that that’s what his special boots are for he was all over it.  We had a great walk this morning and I enjoyed watching him have a new experience.

my son splashing in puddles


Tuesday 13th of May 2014

Don't you wish that somehow we could all go back and be children again to just splash in puddles?


Tuesday 13th of May 2014

I would love that. And all the bubble baths and naps too!

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