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DIY Kids Table & Chairs

A little while ago I was introduced Ana White’s website full of DIY furniture plans.  I am completely addicted and have bookmarked tons of projects I want to build for our home.  If you have not yet heard of her, please check her website out!  She’s this amazing woman from Alaska with a website full of plans for furniture.

She has everything from dinning room tables, to beds, to doll furniture, patio furniture.  You name it, she has it!  And now, thanks to my father-in-law, I have finally completed my first Ana White project, the Clara Table and Four Dollar Stackable Chairs.

I actually completed this project a year ago and posted about it on an old blog, but I wanted to bring it over here for any one out there who might be interested and I also wanted to give an update on how they have held up for over a year.

So over a year ago when I fist blogged about it, the table and chairs looked like this:

the kids table and chairs we built

the top of the table

I really wanted to make these for my son, as they are kid-sized and he LOVES kids furniture.  The plans were easy to follow and the cost was low, but I have to confess that the cost for me was $0 for the build because my father-in-law had a bunch of scraps that we used for the wood and all other supplies as well.   I just had to buy paint for this project.

We deviated a little from the original plans, particularly when it came to the top, due to the fact that we were using things we already had on hand.  At the time of this post I was trying to decide on colors and wait for it to warm up enough to paint.  In the end, I decided on a white table and yellow chairs.

the table and chairs after painting

I spray painted the table and the chairs and hit it with two coats of clear polyurethane.  After over a year of use and abuse, they have held up very well, despite the one spot where the dog chewed one of the chairs a little.  My son loves them, particularly when a friend comes over for dinner and they get to sit at their own table.  It’s the little things.

Mary Martha Mama