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Folding Table Makeover

I am working on my office a little bit right now. Yes, yes, I am supposed to be working on the dining room but I do bounce around sometimes and today I spent some time working on my office. My folding table is amazingly huge so I love it for all my work but it was looking a little worn so I decided to give it a little facelift.

Here’s what the table was looking like:

folding table before

Overall it’s sturdy and in good shape but there are a few dents/ scrapes.

dents in table top

To give it a little facelift I decided to cover it with contact paper. I purchased this one that looks like white painted wood. I knew that the imperfections in my application would be fairly easy to hide with this pattern and the color was nice and neutral.

So I unrolled the contact paper and applied it with a little hanging over the edge on the short side and lined it up just at the edge of the long side of the table.

applying the first piece of contact paper

Then I trimmed the edge at the end with some sharp scissors. I also used my Cricut scraper tool to smooth out bubbles in the paper.

trimming the edge

Once I applied the first sheet all the way across I applied the second sheet, overlapping it a bit.

adding the second sheet of contact paper

Then I trimmed those edges and I was done! I think at some point I may paint the metal parts of the underside black or cover the underside with a tableskirt or something. I haven’t decided quite yet.

the finished table
the table top covered in contact paper
close up of the table

I am also going to add a pegboard to put some of my most used tools up on the wall and add a cork board to the wall as well. It’s got a ways to go but considering as a few months ago this room had navy and red sponge painted walls we have made some good progress.

office progress

M. Web

Friday 14th of January 2022

Nice, nice! Such an improvement!

Judi Tolboe

Thursday 13th of January 2022

I love the look of your table


Thursday 13th of January 2022

Thank you so much! I'm still thinking about doing some work on the bottom but I like the progress so far!

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