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Dining Room Progress

It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I started on the dining room. This weekend I started working on it finally and have some progress to share!

Dining Room Before

So here’s basically where we started with the dining room when we moved in to our house:

dining room before

Obviously the random blue paint on the walls wasn’t there when we moved in but otherwise this is how it was.

Dining Room Plan

In my Dining Room: Before post I shared my basic plan with you all which looked something like this:

dining room plan

Dining Room Progress

After writing that post all the progress that we made was getting our dining room table.

new dinning table
dinning table

We love our table. It has leaves that we can put in to make it large enough for us to get 10 people around the table. If you are local to Ohio the table is from Jake’s Amish Furniture and I highly recommend them. This is not sponsored, we just love their furniture. It’s awesome being able to go in there and pick order exactly what we wanted for style, size, wood, stain, etc.

We also got two wooden chairs from Jake’s for the ends of the table.

And that’s all the progress that I had made before this weekend. This past week I finally started working on it again. I made a big decision and picked a paint color. After debating many, many blues I decided that in my heart of hearts that I wanted to go with a deep navy on the top of the walls and white on the bottom just like in my plan.

I generally love Behr paints from Home Depot but I struggled to find a navy color that I liked there. So I actually did something that a ton of people recommend that you not do (well, the paint companies anyway)… I had my Home Depot tint my paint to a Benjamin Moore Color. I went with Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy. I’ve seen this in photos online and love the way that it looks on the walls so I went for it.

So this weekend I started painting. My initial idea was to start at the top and paint going downwards. So this weekend I prepped everything, painted the ceiling and then painted the upper part of the walls with the Hale Navy.

dining room progress hale navy
dining room progress of top of walls painted

This is the progress so far. Next I will be working on the bottom of the walls- both adding a wood treatment similar to board and batten to the bottom of the walls and then painting that portion off white. After that I need to swap out the outlets and switches with white ones and then dress the room by hanging a mirror and curtains. Hopefully I will get to some of this and share it with you all soon!

Mary Martha Mama