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Cricut Bright 360 Review

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Did you see the announcement from Cricut? They have made the ultimate LED lamp for crafting, the Cricut Bright 360. Today I’ve got all the details and a full Cricut Bright 360 Review.

Cricut Bright 360 Review


The Cricut Bright 360 is perfect for crafting. It’s available in both a tabletop model and a floor lamp model. The big, bright head illuminates up to 4 square feet of your work area, enabling you to see all the details of what you’re working on. It’s perfect for all sorts of crafting like sewing, embroidery, small-piece projects, beading, and all sorts of Cricut projects. I particularly enjoyed having it this week when I was weeding some teeny-tiny pieces of vinyl out of a design I cut with my Maker 3.

Cricut Bright 360 Review

You can also use the Cricut Bright 360 to get some great photos of your crafts. The lighting enables you to see details and rich, accurate color in your photos.


I absolutely love how easily you can move and adjust the Cricut Bright 360. Simply grab the head and you can move it exactly where you need to. The head can be moved up or down to adjust how close it is to your project. You can also tilt the head up and down as well as side to side. The lamp also rotates. Having all these different points of articulation make the Cricut 360 Bright super adjustable so you can get the light exactly where you need it to be.

adjusting the lamp with my hand


With many lamps you can use a dimmer to adjust the brightness. With the Cricut Bright 360 you can adjust the brightness of the light and you can also adjust the temperature of the light. Below the dimmer for brightness there is a switch to adjust the temperature of the light from warm to cool, with a setting for natural daylight in the middle.

cool temperature
warm temperature setting

Overall Thoughts

As someone whose craft room used to be in a basement with no windows, lighting is really important to having a good workspace. My craft room is no longer in the basement but with the gray winters in Ohio I still need some help with lighting. The Cricut Bright 360 has been a great addition to my craft room. It’s easy to use and I appreciate how it is adjustable in so many ways. I think it would be the perfect addition to any craft room.

using the Cricut Bright 360 to craft
Mary Martha Mama