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BBQ Seasoning Shakers

My husband loves to grill and cook for us on his smoker. And we love that he loves to do this for us. To make preparation a little easier I labeled his seasoning shakers with the recipes for each of our favorite seasonings so there’s no need to look up the recipe each time he needs to make more.

seasoning shakers on railing

My Cricut Maker made this a super simple project.

Supplies Needed



The first thing you will want to do is type out your recipe in Design Space. I opted to type out the ingredients separate from the names of the recipes for each. Then I adjusted the width so that they would all be 3 inches wide and made sure they were aligned. You can totally do this any way you want and when you are ready you will click the Make It button.

For this project I opted to use permanent smart vinyl. I love that with the Maker 3 you can use smart vinyl and not eve have to use a cutting mat. Once you choose how you will load the materials then click continue and Design Space will walk you through loading your materials and blade.

choosing smart vinyl

I opted to use the vinyl roll holder to load my smart vinyl. I love this little attachment. It makes things so easy.

vinyl roll feeder attachment
vinyl roll feeder

Once the machine cuts your design then you just slide the cutter across the vinyl and it cuts it nice and clean.

the vinyl roll

Then take the vinyl and remove all the vinyl that is not part of your design. The weeding tool makes this much easier, especially with smaller cuts.

removing the excess vinyl
weeding the vinyl

Next peel the backing off of the transfer tape and apply it to the front of your vinyl design.

the transfer tape applied

Once you have smoothed it over (both front and back!) then peel the vinyl backing away, leaving the vinyl on the transfer tape.

appying vinyl to transfer tape

Apply the transfer tape to the shaker. Press it all firmly into place.

using transfer tape

Then peel off the transfer tape, leaving the vinyl behind. And you’re done!

seasoning shakers on table

Now when you go to make more seasonings you’ll know exactly what goes in without having to pull out your recipe box. Happy barbecuing! Spring is almost here.

Mary Martha Mama