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Goals 2014 (Checking in after the First Quarter)

I set my goals a little late this year and I just blogged about them about a month ago.  Be that as it may, the first quarter of 2014 is drawing to a close and so I am taking this opportunity to check in and reflect on my progress.  Consider this a report card, of sorts.  The original goals are in black, my progress (or lack thereof!) is in bold italics.

two hands one on top of the other

Have a weekly date night Grade: C  We have done a little better about having more dates (both out & at home), but it’s not weekly yet.

  • Be proactive in finding ways to show my husband love Grade: D Don’t get me wrong, I love him, but sometimes life is busy and I have not been as proactive about this as I should.
  • Read 2 marriage books Grade: B We’ve been doing some research and picked up a few books on marriage and couples devotionals and are just starting on the first.

our son pushing the stroller

  • Put together and prepare a curriculum to start pre-school time with A in the Fall Grade: B  I have been working on this bit by bit… unfortunately I’ve taken a little break to work on making some Quiet Time Boxes since he has recently dropped his naps.
  • Read 2 parenting books Grade: A I recently read Grace-Based Parenting and have now begun Praying for Boys. 
  • Make a bucket list for each season and complete each activity Grade: A  We made up a Spring Bucket List and have been having a great time getting out and about more.  Once the weather gets better, we will be able to do even more of these activities.

me sticking out my tongue next to a bart simpson poster

  • Rekindle old friendships with at least 5 old friends. Grade: B I’ve been working on this one and have reconnected with 4 of the old friends I have in mind.  I still need to get in touch with the 5th one and keep up with the other 4 as the year goes on.  This has been such a blessing!
  • Develop greater intimacy with current friends by organizing 1 play date a month with another mom and her kids and organizing at least 2 moms nights out with other moms I know (No kids, no husbands).  Grade: C I did not do this in February due to illness or March due to laziness… but I do have a play date on the books for April and I’m planning a moms night, so not great, but there is some progress in this area.
  • Reach out to new acquaintances by initiating conversations with other moms at the park and performing at least 2 random acts of kindness. Grade: C Trying to keep my eyes out for opportunities to be randomly kind, but I need to be more proactive about this.  I have been better at striking up conversations with moms when we are out and about.

me, sitting in the car

  • Have daily devotional time. Grade: A Getting up early has helped me to have this quality time spent in God’s Word every morning and I am loving it!
  • Lose the baby weight from my last pregnancy and continue to eat right and exercise regularly even after the weight is gone. Grade: C I am making progress, but I have not been as disciplined as I should, so progress has been slow.  This will improve greatly when the weather improves and I can take the boys on more regular walks.
  • Start a blog.  Grade: A For effort!  Obviously I am just starting out and I’m totally new to this whole thing, but I’m having a blast figuring it all out as I go along.

  • Do a thorough Spring cleaning & reorganization. Grade: B This is a big project and we are in the thick of it.  So far I have organized the boys’ clothes, the toy box and some cupboards.  I have also been doing things like cleaning ceiling fans, vents, washing walls, etc. 
  • Remodel the master bath and downstairs bath. Grade: B These will be long projects as we are doing most of the work ourselves, but we have made some progress.
  • Install the back splash in the kitchen. Grade: D That tile is all just sitting there… But we’ve been busy with other things, so we will get to this sometime.  Plus, I have having the kitchen all torn up, so I think that’s why I’m really putting it off.

Overall, I feel good about the progress made towards my goals, but it was good to stop and reflect because it reminds me of where I want to go this year and gives me a little push to keep working towards those goals.

Do you have any goals in progress for this year?  How’s it going?

Mary Martha Mama